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How to Address A Letter

How to address a letter

How to address a letter

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Addressing letters used to be something that everybody knows how to do.

 Later, people forgot how to address a letter because of the increase in text messaging and chatting apps.

However, it is important to know this because it is normally of huge importance while writing formal or business letters.
Business letters are normally written when you are applying for a job, requesting for a leave or to ask for permission to do something in the company.

Before beginning to address a letter, it is important to first of all determine the gender of the person to whom it may concern.

However, if you are writing the letter from a far place, you shouldn't worry about that.

 Let's say that you plan to send the letter to an address in UK and you are going to send it through regular mail or speed post from India, then you should just use a gender neutral greeting.

Most hiring managers won't mind that you used "to whom it may concern".

But it is in your best interest to know that you are more likely to tickle the fancy of the hiring manager if you address him properly in the letter and not "to whom it may concern".

However, you shouldn't take this rule too strictly.

In fact, most schools while teaching how to write address a formal letter advise their students to not include any opening salutation or greeting at all if they are unsure of who is going to open their envelope.

Well, that's fine. But I don't think that make you too smart.

I would advise that you should use gender neutral greetings instead.

Some perfect examples of salutations that you could try out in the opening section of your letter include but are not limited to;

1. Dear Sir/Madam
2. To Whom It May Concern
3. Dear Hiring Manager

How to address a cover letter to a gender ambiguous name is another important tip.

This normally happens in the case that you went an extra mile to gather information about the hiring manager or the human resources manager, yet you are unsure whether they are males or females.

It is a very big stumbling block for some people that want to address their cover letter.

To solve this issue, all you need to do is to dig deeper about the person concerned.

1. Search for the name of the person on LinkedIn. You might be lucky to find out that he or she added a profile picture.

That profile picture will then help you to determine whether they are male or female (their gender)

2. Contact the customer care through phone or email.

 Request to know the gender of that employee who will read your email.

The Rep might ask you to explain what you will do with such information. Politely offer a few some explanations and the customer care will spill the information instantly.

However, if you were still unable to find out the gender of the person who will read your letter, you should simply just write the name of the person after you must have written the word 'dear'.

For example,
Dear Geneva Hutton
Dear Harry Potter

N.B : Notice the absence of any gender indicative word.

Ensure that you add other appropriate titles associated with the person who will read your letter.

Perfect examples of some titles that you could use when you want to address your letter are Dr. Mr., Mrs., Rev. Fr., e.t.c

Another great tip on how to address a letter is to make sure that you didn't make Amy mistake  in the names which you included in the letter.

How to Address A Letter Like A Pro

The video below contains many EXPERT tips not mentioned in this article.

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