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                                                                                                 OUR MISSION
   To Help Everyone Learn How to Do                                  Anything

               "You can do it. Here’s How."

At TokoHow, we come to work every day to help people to learn how to do anything easily. And you must have guessed it by now that it is a really tough task. Of course, it is tough but not when we have each other  - you and us. With you and everyone else around, we can create a knowledge sharing platform that will change the world for the better.
Therefore, with the knowledge that you share on this know-how platform alongside with other contributors and our DIY website editors, the world's largest how-to (reference) website will be created.

How-to guides, how-to videos, how-to podcasts as well as helpful, step by step, detailed instructions that help people to learn how to do anything easily and quickly are the contents one can discover on tokoHow.  

            How Does TokoHow Work?


First, people will contribute or share their personal advice and real life experience on how to do something by emailing it to Each submission is hand-reviewed by an editor, who ensures that every article is well detailed and helpful to our  readers.

Subjects like medicine, where special expertise is required, doctors may provide an additional level of review to ensure that it conforms to safe medical guidelines. Through this process, we keep improving our articles with the goal of making each article the most helpful way to start learning how to do anything.

The tokoHow editors who enjoy writing how to articles on the website also conduct research on the major search engines to discover how-to topics what people want to learn. After that, they will perform an intensive research on each of the how-to topics before crafting a useful and helpful guide on how to do that particular thing.
The users can also submit requests of the type of how to articles that they want to read via email.

Some days after we launched in 2016, there was hardly enough content on the website. I emailed my friends and neighbours and asked them what they thought about contributing to a how-to community website.  Most of them replied that they are interested as a result of a lot of things but the most touching reply was  “...because of the beauty of learning from others and giving back knowledge in return.”

What's the Story Behind  tokoHow?

Initially, tokoHow was called HowPort and it was used by Lawrence Ozeh to share with is classmates geeky stuff that they could do in the internet when they finished their West African School Senior Certificate Examination in 2015. However , he discovered that there were large number of people from outside Nigeria that were interested in his articles plus other encouraging remarks from friends, family, neighbours and even total  strangers. Therefore, he decided to upgrade the website in July, 2016 . And here we are, information city!

                Discover the Amazing People                       Working On tokoHow

                1. Onyenwife Anthony
                  MD / Marketing Manager
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               2.  Obikwelu Anthony 
                 Programmer / SEO Manager
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               3. Okechukwu Christian
                Data Analyst /Content Manager
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               4. Ozeh Lawrence
                 CEO / Founder
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               5. Omar Wraikat
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