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How to Get Imponte Phoenix Car in GTA San Andreas

Phoenix car location

The Phoenix is a muscle car seen in video games like Grand Theft Auto that has only 2 seaters (one for the driver, the other for the passenger). And as a result of its top speed, it's a very good car to have for racing. In order to get it on Grand Theft Auto (GTA) San Andreas, follow this tokoHow guide step by step.

1. Visit Downtown San Fierro and locate Wang Cars.
2. There's a red circle behind Wang Cars, get on it.
3. Enter the race.
4. Get back to the starting point.
5. Get out of your car.
6. Wait for the time of the race to elapse.
7. You will then find the car of your dreams. Customize it as you want and you are good to go.
8. After you have gotten the phoenix car, make sure you don't drive it to the garage because it may not get saved.


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