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Make it Successful and Safe | How to Set Sleepover Rules (That Teenagers Will Actually Obey)

How to set sleepover rules for children - including the 10 year olds.
first sleepover bedtime tips
Sleepover rules for adults

Most youths take sleep overs and slumber parties as fun and psychologists have proved that it is not a good idea to stop them from doing that.

All you have to do is to lay the ground rules for sleepovers and let go of the reins. Teen age is the period that allow the youths to have a reasonable level of independence.

 Denying them that breathing space will make them become very troublesome and you might end up losing your child for worse. Just ensure that they stick to the sleepover guidelines.

Allow your children to spend quality time with their friends after school with this instructional article. It contains the sleepover rules and tips for adults and 10 year olds.
Sleepover guidelines
Slumber party rules

  • Be Open, Loving and Flexible With Your Children:

While stipulating the rules of sleepovers to your children, you have to let them understand as much as possible the reasons for each of the rules that you are making.

You do not have to make it as if you are autocratic.

If it is possible, discuss with them and let them give you the possible rules which might be considered observable and add yours after you must have explained the circumstances leading to the rules.

 It is this mutual agreement that will enable them to stick with the rules and will perceive you as a loving and caring parent.

  • Assess the Personality of Your Child:

It is important to review your child’s behavior prior to the sleepover date.

That will enable you to know whether or not your child is going to mess up in the house of the hosting parents.

Children with more tendency to commit violent acts and other bad habits should be counseled and advised to quit that bad habit so as to enable them get together with their cherished friends.

  • Determine the Age of Your Child:

This is an important process in considering the sleepover requests of your child as a parent.

It is his age that will determine whether he or she is ready for a slumber party away from home.

You must ascertain that your child can be able to make good and safe decisions under someone else’s supervision.

  • Invite the Hosting Friend of Your Child Over to Your House:

Prior to the date for the sleepover, it is important that you as a parent will invite the friend of your child to your home during the daytime. 

Daytime playdates give you the chance to meet the boy or girl that you child will be spending the night with during the sleepover.

 It is good to watch them as they play or chat so as to discover the level of interaction between them before sending off your child for the sleepover.

  • Meet the Hosting Parents of Your Child’s Slumber Party:

This helps to add some official sense to the whole sleepover thing.

You can meet the parents of your child’s friend after common meetings scheduled for parents of students or invite them for lunch and a little chat.

Doing this will enable you to have a peace of mind to an extent about your child’s safety especially if they are good people.

It is during this meeting that you will offer necessary pieces of information on anything that concerns your youngster’s nocturnal adventure such as fears of darkness or food allergies.

You should also let them know of the best safety rules and supervision requirements for your child.

  • Remind Your Child of Your Family Rules:

Excitement can make most children to forget some necessary things.

Therefore, try as much as possible to remind your child of the family rules and values before they head off to have fun.

 If you can, create a code word that your kid can use if he or she becomes uncomfortable in the slumber party and wants to go home.

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