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100% Working and Easy Method on How to Bypass Google Account Verification

How to Bypass Google Account Verification During Phone Factory Reset
bypass Google account 2017
How to unlock a phone without Google account

Security is a big issue these days - both online and offline. It's not surprising that Google rolled out a new security feature on Android lollipop 5.1. With that, whenever you want to do a factory reset for an android phone, you will be required to verify your Google account.

This will help the android phone user not to worry about their personal information being accessed by someone else when the mobile phone gets lost.

While this is a good move by Google, it is certainly not favourable to everyone - especially those who purchased their devices from third party sellers.

As a result of the Factory Reset Protection (FRP) or the Google Account Verification, the second hand users of the phone cannot unlock it without having the Google account details of the previous user. It gets worse when the buyer can't contact the person from whom they bought the phone from.

In this article, I will give you a 100% working and easy method on how to bypass Google account verification even if you are not a computer geek.

bypass Google account without otg
Bypass Google activation

To Solve This:

1. Wait for the phone to reboot after the factory data reset has ended.

2. Scroll down the notification bar of the phone and click on the WiFi icon. This will make the phone to detect and connect to any WLAN network available.

3. Once you get connected to the internet, the phone will automatically bring up the screen where you are supposed to enter the Google account details belonging to the phone's last user.

4. Activate the keyboard by tapping at one of the text fields of the form that was displayed on the screen.

5. As soon as the keyboard appears, look for the @ character among its keys.

6. Press and hold (long press) the @ character until settings menu pops up.

7. Among the options on the menu, choose the Google keyboard settings.

8. Then locate the three horizontal lines (or three dots) at the top of the screen.

9. Click on the "Help and Feedback" option and select anything from what will be shown to you after that.

10. Once you have done that, a page with text on them will be displayed for you. Press and hold (long press) on any word within the text.

11. A short strip of options will pop up instantly above that. Click on more and select web search.

12. Google search box containing the word you have previously highlighted will now be shown to you. Clear the word on the search box and enter "settings" in its stead.

13. On the settings page, scroll down to the "about phone" and select it.

14. On the screen that will be displayed for you, look for the build number and tap it seven times.

15. This will make the "developer options" to be displayed.

16. From the items on developer options, enable "Allow OEM Unlocking".

17. Press the back button two times to move off from the settings page.

18. Press the " power button" at the side of the phone and select the option to restart the phone.

19. Ensure that the phone is still connected to the WiFi.

20. Add your own Google account details when prompted to. If you don't have one, tap on the "create new account" to get one right away.


If you followed our detailed step by step guide well, you will be able to bypass Google phone verification code in 2017 and beyond.

If you have any other question or you need more help concerning this, you drop a comment on the post on Facebook or you can send us an email.

P.S: If you want to know how to bypass Google verification on Samsung Galaxy s7 or on Alcatel one touch, this guide is still applicable.

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