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The No Nonsense Guide on How to Create a Website in Nigeria

How to create a website with wordpress
Wordpress is one of the best cms for creating websites. Most web designers chose it most of the times over other website development platforms. Wordpress powers about 30% of the internet.

Most businesses - wether small or big have a common struggle which is gaining more customers. 

The internet has grown too big in recent times and it is the perfect way companies can leverage in publicising their products and services.

The best way to do that is to create a website and be active on the social media websites that are popular. 

This tokoHow guide focuses on helping learn what and what steps you should take in order to create a functional website for your company. 



Creating a website, includes you should choose a platform. Your platform is called your “website builder”. It’s the basic area of your website because it's here  you can make changes on your website whenever the need arises. 

For the beginners there are plenty of platforms to choose.Select a platform that will be up and doing. Your platform is also regarded as the Content Management System (CMS).

Below is most likely use platforms for creating websites.
1.     WordPress
2.     Drupal
3.     Joomla

You don’t need to start learning coding languages  such as HTML, CSS and PHP, some web platform have it already.Choosing a platform as a beginner,involves you to consider these because you are choosing everlasting and good Content Management System (CMS). 

·        How fast the platform when using network to browse.
·        Does it cost a lot to download, install and set up?
·        Flexibility

WordPress is more reliable platform to use. It gives accessibility to highest degree of above mentioned features to consider when choosing a platform.A lot of websites are created using WordPress Content Management System (CMS). 


Some platform need you to acquire some knowledge about coding languages but WordPress offers complete free platform. 

Creating your website on WordPress gives you maximum of below features;

1.     Efficient Coding Language
2.     Fast network
3.     Most of its service is flexible
4.     Installation is free

Equally Drupal and Joomla are platforms to use for creating website just like WordsPress. Only that their features and installation is a little bit complicated than WordPress. 

Choose platform wisely.



Every website have Web Hosting. Uploaded information about your web content is located here. 

Even when people wish to visit your website, after they type in to their browser, it’s your web hosting that will take them to your website.

Some platforms gives free web hosting but it will not be all that satisfactory to every of your website activities.

 Choose a web hosting to make your website up and running.Web hosting services cost a little. If your website have web hosting, every activity you do will be faster than free host.

Web host price is always at affordable price per months.The prices could be ranging from $3-$5 monthly.

You need to pick a web hosting with satisfactory features such as;

1.     Fast, reliable and high quality web hosting
2.     Unlimited web hosting
3.     Web host with unlimited email accounts features
4.     A FREE domain name
5.     1-click installation of Wordpress, Drupal, Joomla.

It is found discounting to use Bluehost. This web hosting provider cost about $5.45 a month and provides services as stated above.Visit  for reliable web hosting.

Your web hosting gives your clients access to make references to information you uploaded on your website. Plenty of Web Hosting Provider exists. You can even host your website by yourself.

Hosting your website by yourself involves complicated processes with 24 hours currently online to serve your web visitors efficiently with their needs.

You can save yourself some money and get a proper host that meets WordPress requirements.
Analysis show list of Web Hosting Company to host your website.
·         GoDaddy
·         HostGator
·         BlueHost
·         WpEngine

Check the features before you choose a web hosting.Make sure it have theses features reliability, high quality hosting, free domain name, and can meet up with 1-click installation of WordPress, Drupal and Joomla.



You have to give your website a name people will type in their browser if they want to visit your website. Domain name is the name people will use to recognize your website. Domain names usually end with .com, .org or .net.

When making a domain name for your website, don’t choose a domain name confusing to an existing website.
If you’re making a website for your organization or company, your domain name should reflect your company name.

Officially make a unique domain name; otherwise it could imply that your website is a derivative from an existed established website.

Select a domain name that will be easily remembered. Although people tend to find your website through a branded search in Google based on ranking, it’s very important to give your website a domain name that will be easily spelt.

When your website name requires a lot of effort to type in correctly, your branding and marketing value will be obstructed. However, it is ideal to give your website a name memorable.

Copyright is very menacing while buying a URL name. It terminates website when domain name is copyrighted. So make thorough research before choosing a domain name to avoid copyright.



To set up your website is simply making it up and running after purchasing a domain name and having a web hosting.

Setting up your website is much simply by using 1-Click Installation. The platform you choose initially will help you in setting your website up and running.

You can set up your website by using;
1.     1-click installation.
2.     Manual installation.


To Create a Website with WordPress (or Joomla and Drupal),  using 1- Click Installation. Just login to your hosting account,
1.     Go to your “Control Panel”.
2.     Look for the “1-Click Installs” and Click on it
3.     Locate “Website” icon or WordPress.
4.     Choose the domain where you want to install your website.
5.     Click the “Install Now” button

On clicking the “Install Now” button you will get details of how to access your new website. Assuming that the platform you choose is WordPress.

1- Click installation is accessible. To install it follow the above procedure just the same or very similar with other majority of website platform.

1-click installation is the easiest way to install WordPress. Some other web hosts may have the 1-click installation integrated as standard within their dashboard.

Using this 1-click installation service will make your website up and running in a blink of an eye with ease.

If you choose BlueHost as your web hosting. In your BlueHost account you’ll find “1-click installation” in your account control panel.

When you signed up to another web hosting other than BlueHost. You will locate the “1-click installation” in the same location as BlueHost.


It is obvious that some website designers or developers have an analytical knowledge about installing wordpress in a websites.

Web developers usually like to install WordPress manually. This is to get special installation of components they want and remove those they don’t want.

Some others might need to manually install because their chosen web hosting doesn't have “1-click installation”.

Unfortunately if this applies to you while creating your website, then you’ll need to have compatibly knowledge of “MANUAL INSTALLATION OF WORDPRESS”.
·        Start by “downloading WordPress” from here:
·        Create a “new folder” on your desktop
·        “Unzip” WordPress in it. Review How To Zip a File
·        Look for a file named “wp-config-sample.php”
·        “Rename” it to: wp-config.php and “Save” it.
·        Open the new “wp-config.php” with notepad.
The above is one step to take while using manual installation of WordPress. Now fill the following lines accordingly.
1.     (‘DB_NAME’, ‘database _ name _ here’); – Database name (if you don’t know it, ask this from your hosting support)
2.     (‘DB_USER’, ‘username _ here’); – Your hosting username
3.     (‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password _ here’); – Your hosting password
After filling the gaps accordingly, clicks save to resave the file.Now everything is coming in conclusion.
Login to your hosting ftp://.This hosting FTP mostly appear in this format   Usually the username and password are that same username and password you registered to your host. Download FileZilla for the FTP .Look for “index files” and delete it. Upload the files from your WordPress folder to your FTP server.

You have completed the most impressing of the above procedure. Type into URL: A welcome page from WordPress will appear on your screen. Just fill the form carefully and click ‘Install WordPress” move to next level to make your website inviting.



Template after series of processing and creativity before getting to this point will make your website look good. Template is also known as “Web Theme” it is the environment of every website.

When choosing a theme for your website it should be done wisely. This is because it will be somehow to create a good websites but don’t have inviting theme.

Any theme you should choose for your website must compliment your website content. It implies that you have to select theme carefully because some website themes are coded to an extent that it cannot allow external plugin. If this case applies to you, all you have to do is to pay developers to help you fix it.

Your theme should be fast in accessibility. Make choice of theme that will be compatible because every body doesn’t use the same browser. There are many browsers such as Google Chrome, Safari, Firefox, Opera Mini, Internet Explorer e.t.c. However you need to need to consider the fastness of a theme before you apply to your beautiful website.

Note: The fastness of website which is as result of theme ranks your website high in the search engine .Also chooses a theme which you can easily adjust to suit every screen size. When your website theme is responsive to adjustment in screen of different sizes, plenty people can visit your website even with mobile phone because it will contribute much on getting traffic.

Make a proper consideration before your choose a website theme because it is very important. Check the website theme features before you choose. Let it not be that you Website content are ecommerce which should have ecommerce template and you choose a theme personal blog.

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