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How to Check NECO Result - The Best Guide Ever

The National Examinations Council (also known as NECO) is a government organisation in Nigeria which is responsible for conducting examinations for the final year students after their secondary school education.

The scheduled months for those examinations that they conduct are normally June/July and December/January.

At the end of those examinations, results are released by NECO within two or three months as the case may be. This point is very important for those who are asking when will the NECO result be out.

Students who sat for the examination need only to input their examination number and NECO SSCE Result Scratch card and their results will appear.

Most times, some of the students do forget their examination number or make mistakes while entering the values into the NECO result website checker.
As a result, the result checker will display an error message.
So, before you proceed to check your result, ensure that your examination number is very correct. If you have forgotten yours, call your school principal or the person sitting near to you in the examination hall to conform.

Follow the steps below to check your NECO result.

how to check NECO result
The Logo of NECO

  1. Purchase a NECO SSCE result scratch from a dealer nearest to you. It is normally available in business centers, printing presses, bookshops, banks and even in the school that you graduated from. The price of each result scratch card could vary depending on where you bought it from. But, on average, it costs about 500 naira.
  2. . Go to the official website recommended by the examination body (NECO) for checking results. Copy and paste the website address below in another tab of your browser.
  3. Once, the web page finished loading, choose June/July from the list of examination types. This represents the approximate time that you took the examination.
  4. Carefully enter the PIN as it appears on the scratch card. The pin for checking the result is normally located at the back of the scratch card.
  5. The next information that should be filled into the form on the web page is your examination number. Make sure that it is correct to avoid the frustration. While entering the exam number, you have to enter it twice so that you don't make any mistake about it.
  6. Click on the "Check My Result" button so that your result will appear on the screen.
  7. You should know that you are only allowed to use one NECO result scratch card five (5) times. After you have used it up to that number, it will stop working. So, the best thing for you to do is to print out the result from the computer at the very first time that you checked the result. That will enable you not to check it again and again while trying to show off your grades to your mom, dad, siblings and friends. Store the scratch card in a cool dry place for future usage.
  8. Also, many people are asking wether it is possible to check NECO result without scratch card pin. The answer to that question is a big no. In fact, if you also attempt to form the pin of a scratch card, it will not work. This is as a result of the fact that the pin code of the scratch card is generated by a computer algorithm. This makes the probability of your getting the right combinations very impossible.
  9. That having been said, you should look out for dealers that might attempt to sell you fake cards.

That's all. As always, have a great day and I shall see you tomorrow. 

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