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How to Bake Chicken EASILY

The only thing better than chicken is baked chicken!


In fact, baked chicken is so good that most expert cooks use it to make their meals all the more juicy and saucy. Since it has the approval of cooks that have mastered how to control the taste of dishes, you should definitely give it a try.

Therefore, we put together a guide - a comprehensive guide on how to bake chicken at home. It contains a very detailed step by step method that you can use to bake the whole chicken or parts of it.

What's the best part?

It's so easy to learn and master. And once you do, the chicken that you have baked would be better than anything that you have ever eaten at the restaurant.
In fact, your favorite take-out restaurant will be wondering why you stopped calling.

Are you excited?

Let's get started.

how to bake chicken
Baked chicken with potatoes and vegetables

1. Gather All The Utensils And Ingredients That You Might Need For The Baking

The only cooking utensil that is required for this are bowels, kettles, spoon, wire gauze and aluminium foil (if you don't have an oven).

The function of the spoon will mainly be to measure and add the important recipes. While the function of the bowel is to help in watching the raw chicken after removing the feathers.

In African countries where the use of oven is not prevalent, one can make use of charcoal fire and wire gauze to get the chicken baked.

Despite the fact that this doesn't require much ingredients, it is considered a good practice to have them ready or handy for use.

The ingredients commonly used are salt, onions, pepper, oil, seasoning and the chicken itself (most people prefer a boneless chicken breast halves).

2. Slaughter the Fowl That Will be Baked

This step and the other two below it are completely unnecessary if you didn't buy a live fowl.
However, if you are like me who prefers to handle the whole processing of most edible things, this is for you.

To slaughter a foul, you need to have a very sharp knife. Blunt knives will leave very nasty impressions on the neck of the fowl.

Plus, by the time that you are done, the point of the cup will have accumulated a lot of dirt. This is due to the fact that the fowl will be struggling to get out of the knife point.

Even if you use a sharp knife, it might still happen. The quick fix for that is to lay the fowl sideways, hold the wings with your left foot and then hold legs with your right foot.
Your left hand should be holding the head of the fowl in such a way that it will be facing upwards.

Remove the feathers covering the place where the cut will be made. Get the knife and make a deep cut on its neck as quickly as possible.

Once you are through with it, put it into a bowl. It is recommended that the bowl that you put it into should be made of stainless steel.
If it was made of plastic, it could melt when the hot water is added to it.

3. Boil Hot Water With a Kettle

Once you are done with the step above, you need to pour a cold water into a kettle. The volume of water that should be added depends mainly on the size of your chicken.
However, most times, boiling one and half litres of water will do the trick.

Then, place the kettle containing the water over a source of fire. The source of fire could be from fire wood, stove, oven or gas cooker.

Once the water has started boiling, remove it from the fire and pour it on top of the fowl that you just slaughtered.

4. Remove the Feathers From the Body of the Fowl

This is normally the hardest part of the whole process. To make it easier for you, you need to get the fowl covered with the hot water.

This is going to make the feather removal very easy in a big way. First of all, remove the feathers from the wings, move to the ones on the belly and then finally to the tail and the back of the fowl.

Once you are done, rinse it in a cold water and rub your hand against the body of the fowl to remove the tiny feathers that might still be sticking to the body of the fowl.

5. Remove the Unwanted Parts of the Fowl

You really don't want to eat the legs and the head of the chicken. That's because most people don't. It's not that it is not edible. The reason for that is that the legs and the head of the fowl is what it normally uses for feeding, so it might be very dirty.

Just cut and throw away the head and the legs. Cut open the belly and remove the whole alimentary canal.
At the end  of all these, rinse the chicken with a cold water and put it into a tray.

6. Get the Fire Source to Have the Appropriate Temperature For Baking Chicken

Many people are asking what temperature to bake chicken. But the real answer to that is that it depends on a lot of factors like the size of the chicken (for those who want to learn how to bake whole chicken), the source of fire that you are using... e.t.c
But if the best temperature for baking is to be mentioned,  it must be noted that's normally around 350 degrees.
If you are using an oven, you should preheat it in preparation for the baking of the fowl. This doesn't apply to people who use firewood as the source of fire.

7. Prepare the Chicken For Baking

This is the point where you add all the ingredients listed at the beginning of this article (pepper, seasoning, oil, onions and salt. If you want, you can add it separately or mix them together and rub it all over the body of the chicken. Whatever you do, make sure that the ingredients touch all parts of the fowl. Get more of the mixed ingredients inside the belly.

8. Bake the Whole Chicken

If you are living in Africa, there's a high chance that you wouldn't have an oven to try this out.

The best way to override this is to wrap the chicken into an aluminium foil and place it in between two strips of wire gauze. The final result will be as good as an oven baked chicken.

Put your chicken in the boiler pan of your oven and allow it to heat for about 15 minutes. At the end of this time range, flip it so that heat will get to the other parts of the chicken.
It is considered to be ready for eating when all parts of it have browned.

Wow. I am smelling a strong chicken aroma right now.

Serve your chicken right now!

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