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How to Activate Jio Sim EASILY

The activation of jio sim cards is another struggle faced by mobile phone users immediately after getting the sim.

Well, it doesn't have to be, here, I am going to list and explain the four methods that you can use to get your jio sim up and running on your device.

These methods work so fast and so well irrespective of the source that you got it from . Also, you don't have to worry wether it could work for your device because it has been activated for all the major phone brands.

On the other hand, some people who activated their jio sims are still having problems with receiving signals to their devices. You will get the full the solution among the four methods of activation.

Let's get started;

1. Go to nearest photography studio and take a head snapshot. You are going to need two passport photographs, so make sure that they are of a very high quality.

2. Ensure that you have your Aadar card ready. It will be required during the registration to verify your identity. If yours is no longer in a good condition (the words written on it is now illegible), the best action to take is to go to the nearest office of the government agency responsible for identification.

3. It is also necessary to have an email address before going to activate your sim.

4. Visit the Jio store and collect your jio sim card.

5. The activation of the jio sim is done online only. Therefore, you need to have a good device (whether it's a phone or a laptop) that can access the internet easily. You can borrow the laptop or phone of your neighbour or friend for this particular purpose.

6. Provide a valid email in the space designated for that at the Jio sim activation website page. Make sure that the email you provided are the ones that you give out for business and other serious transactions.

It should also be the one that you are not likely to forget the password to. Why this is necessary is that the instructions that will be needed to complete the activation process will only be sent to that email.

7. Check your email to see exactly other things that you are required to do.

8. Once you have completed the process, you will receive an instant message on your phone showing you the receipt of bill.

9. The final step is to call the customer care line. The number that you should dial to contact them is 1977.

The purpose of this call is to show that you are really the owner of the jio sim card that you just registered online.
Get the receipt bill that was sent to you earlier ready because the customer care will surely request for it.

That's not all, the last four digits of your Adhar card will be supplied to them also. This is to enable them to attach a real and a verifiable personal profile to the jio sim card.

Well, that's it on how to activate your jio sim, if you have any other questions concerning it, please inform me in the comments.

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