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Cheats and Secrets on How to Abandon Heist on GTA 5

how to abandon heist

Heist is a multiplayer game which involves setting up a mission, usually a crime which will get the players a reasonable income if mission is successful. Example of heist include the fleeca job, prison break  etc.

1. Reasons why players Abandon Heist

This are possible reasons why players abandon heist
* Players with low level rank usually abandon heist.
* Players that usually repeat heist like 3 times are likely to abandon heist.
* Some players abandon heist due to mistakes. Once the player realize he jumped the first mission, he might decide to abandon heist and start with the first heist which is the fleeca job.

Before starting, there are certain setup steps which are necessary to be taken. l observe that some people would like to abandon it because of reasons best known to them after the set up.
At that moment, the most likely question on their mind will be "how do i abandon a heist?"

If you have done some of the setup on a heist and decide to abandon midway,here is a list of steps that you can take:

Notify lester

You can give lester a call and request to "cancel heist". Sometimes lester may be too busy when you call and promise to get back to you. After some minutes or an hour, visit your game menu, then select "cancel heist" on the option menu. Always remember to read the warnings that will appear when abandoning a heist carefully so as to avoid any problem·


If you abandon a heist, there will be no refund of setup fee and you are going to loose the "all in order" and also the actual heist progress.

How to replay heist

To replay heist, call lester again and request " replay heist" Lester will call later in the game section and you can replay a heist.

How to play heist successfully

Are you a novice on Grand Theft Auto Online Game(GTA)? Below are tips that would help you complete a heist successfully.

* Follow the instructions strictly.

Read the instructions attached on a heist before you start playing because it's really helpful.

* Use skillful players.

You should consider the setups required and employ players who can do the job very well. You know that the players have different skills; there are players who are good pilot, some are good drivers where as others are good in demolition etc. The above mentioned skills are things you have to consider before picking a player.

*Make sure you complete the missions required on a particular heist.

For instance, break the prison gate have four setups; the plane, the bus, the station and the crew. Setups are complete when the number of players needed are complete, that's one setup per a player.

How to win heist awards.

There are many awards that you can win and they're not won in one heist completion,  below are how you get these certain award(s).

1. When you complete each of the heist finale for the first time,you are going to win a cash reward.

2. When you completely play your heist in "All in order" with the same team players, you win $1,000,000 bonus.

3. The setups are completed with the same team players, you win $1,000,000 bonus.

4. When you complete a heist in order without loosing life on criminal mastermind with the same team players.that's on hard, you win $10,000,000 bonus.

5. Perspective award

* You can check your award progress  via the award tab in the pause manu.
* Money made during this are used in the game, example for unlocking a new mission, repairing of vehicles and saving of points etc.  it is not used outside the game.

How to start a heist for the first time

Download the heist file,once you open the file click on GTA online then lester will call you and tell you to go to his warehouse near the free way. Once you arrive at the warehouse lester will tell you "Here is an option for setting up a job, after this you will go out with lester and he will promise you that he's going to keep in touch about the job "soon" Lester will call you in short time, move to your apartment  and you will see your heist planning room. You are now able to host.

How to become a crew heist leader

When you initiate the heist you have become the heist group leader.Some money are needed for the heist initiation, this money are used to procure some equipment needed to play the heist, it's only on Fleeca job that lester will provide the equipments needed for a heist.

For a player to be a heist leader, the player must be at least rank 12 on GTA online and also own high-end apartment. The reason for the rank 12 is to help you get the money you will use to buy the equipments needed and hire the NPCs. That's all you need to know about heist GTA online game.

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