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How to Tie a Tie Better Than Anyone Else

How to Tie a Tie

There's no doubt about this.

A perfect gentleman is known by a perfect dressing. And you cannot dress perfectly if your tie is tied incorrectly.

This tokohow article will teach you the easy, fast and simply laid out guide which you need to become a style icon and tie master.

So, grab your tie and go to the front of the nearest mirror in your bedroom. Let's dive right in.

1. Place the tie around your neck.
The wider end of the tie should be situated at your right side while the narrow end of the tie should be situated at your left hand.

Both of them should be of equal length at the beginning. With your left hand (where the narrow end of the tie is resting), carefully and slowly pull down the wider end of the tie so that it will become 30cm lower than the other end.

Visualize your primary school ruler (whose length is 30cm) while doing this, it will help know when you have reached the appropriate length.

2. Cross the wide part of the tie over the narrow end.
Of course, the crossing should be in such a way that the wide end crosses the narrow end from the TOP. Take note of that.

At the end of the whole crossing, the end result should look like the X. Hold the point of crossing tightly near your neck.

That should be done with your left hand so as to leave your right hand free to complete the tieing process.

3. Tuck the wide end back underneath the narrow end.
When you have done this correctly, you will notice that the seam of the tie will be visible.

4. Turn the wide end back over again:
In order to cover the seam of the tie, you need to cross the wider end of the tie back to the other side - to your right hand.

5. Get the wider end of the tie to pass through the small opening made through the point of intersection of the two tie ends.

Tighten the knot till the extent that you will be comfortable. And don't forget to adjust the collar of your shirt so as to cover the strings of the tie.

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