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How to ACTUALLY Lose Weight Fast (According to Science)

How would you like to be as slim as Angelina for summer?

That would be pretty epic, right?

Well, this is entirely possible, and in today’s article, I am going to show you how you can do this.

It’s not by skipping your meala or spending thousands of dollars with your credit cards on courses on how to lose weight.

I am going to show you how you can shed off some weight by leveraging the things that you already do, tactically selecting your food, and using a little known weight loss secret that will save you thousands of dollars!

Sound good? Let’s get to it.

1. Increase Your Protein Intake

75% of fat men and women who participated in a research conducted in 2005 by the American Society for Clinical Nutrition lost weight on a high protein  diet.

The bottom lime is that you should consume protein in very high amounts.

 The reason for this is that protein was noted to have an anorexic effect.

What that implies is that it will make you to feel less hungry all the time, thereby reducing your overall food intake.

This is very important as it helps you to deal with overeating or eating junk food.

Apart from that, it will lead to an overall improvement of your health. That's because protein is a very important nutrient which the body requires for various metabolic functions.

2. Reduce the Intake of Grain Based Foods

Yes, grain is not good for you. A Scientific research had revealed that most grain based foods contain high amounts of gluten. And gluten doesn't encourage your body to shed off some weight.

Apart from that, gluten also makes you to start having inflammations. And inflammation puts your whole body system in jeopardy.
When that happens, it will be hard for your body to respond effectively.

3. Go Crazy For Grape Fruits

Scientists have proved it too! Eating grapes can actually make you to lose more weigh - and its fast too.

According to the recent research, this "weight loss secret" side of grapes is as a result of the chemical that they contain.

The chemical is actually an enzyme called AMP-activated protein kinase (AMPK) that is found in grapefruit. And what this enzyme does when you eat grape fruits is that it goes to the fatty layers of your body and start burning them.

So, when next you are preparing your smoothies on Saturdays, or your salads on Sundays, don't forget to add grapefruits to the mix.

4. Drink Plenty Of Water

A lot of men and women in the weight loss community are reporting that drinking at least 16 ounces of water each day helped them to lose weight.

What these case studies indicate is that it is highly necessary to drink enough water each day. Some people don't even take for the whole 24 hours. That's not good at all.

You should not worry that water could make you to appear bloated because that's what it will actually help you to prevent. It will flush your entire body systems of toxic wastes and keep you hydrated.

Drink more water!

5. Adopt Some Eating Life Hacks

Just like Dr. Axe would point out, food is medicine.

 And when it comes to weight loss, actively regulating the kind of food that you eat will help you in more ways than one.

I have put together these tricks and tips to help in developing a healthy eating lifestyle that agrees with your desire to be fit.

✓ Bring your own food to parties where food that are against your diet plans will be prepared.

√ Make use of smaller sized plates to put your food.

√ Eat going out for shopping.

√ Reduce the the speed of taking in gulps of food. It takes your stomach 20 minutes to know that it's filled.

√ Replace your favorite foods that are unhealthy with a similar healthy alternative.

6. Eat Coconut A Lot of Times Each Day

You cannot talk about "weight loss foods" without talking about coconuts. A lot of good results had been reported by those who Incorporated it into their diet. To see more results, you should try adding avocado.

Dieticians have noted that why this seems to work is that it's a low carb diet. And they recommend it because of the very high amount of MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) that are available in it.

The body can easily burn MCFAs (medium-chain fatty acids) to release energy rather than depending on carbohydrates.

The various ways that you can add this to your diet include by replacing your water with coconut juice, replacing other cooking oils with coconut oil and adding coconut milk to your morning smoothie. Of course, you can as well cut a fresh coconut fruit into pieces and add it to your salad.

7. Join a Fitness Group

One striking importance of making this kind of move is to enable you that it will make you become conscious and proactive of your goal.

This is true because most fitness groups have a time and a particular place of activity which gives you a kind of schedule to abide by.

If you are exercising by your yourself, you will find out that you will lose the urge to exercise with time.

To find groups that you could join around your location, make use of

Of course, fitness groups are of different kinds which are dependent on the kind of activities that they are doing.  It could be biking, running, weight lifting e.t.c,  just take your pick and join them.

8. Make Your Workouts Exciting!

It is normal! Any activity that's not interesting will be stopped as soon as it had begun.

What that implies is that if you don't want to make your brain to start seeing your workouts as a boring activity, you should add some interesting stuff to your physical exercises.

Some of the ways that you could do that includes but are not limited to:
√  Listening to music while exercising.
√ Changing the types of exercises you do each day.
√ Only try those physical exercises that you really enjoy.

9. Time Your Workouts

Timing is everything in everything - including weight loss physical exercises.

If you pick the wrong times for exercising, you might end up not actually doing it. You will find out that at that particular time that you are supposed to be working out that you are not - because you are caught with work or something.
And that's understandable. It happens to almost to almost everyone.

But there's a way around that...

According to experts, there is no stamped time for exercises. That implies that you can do your workouts any time that you like - evening, afternoon or in the morning (whenever you like).

Also, according to them, a 10 minute workout done 3 times in a day is the same as a 30 minute exercise done once in a day.

All these citations prove that you are free to decide when you can fix in your workouts to your daily activities.
The best way to do that is to find a time that you are not going to be working or doing any other thing that's so important.

However, if you find yourself continually missing the time, then you should try one of these life hacks.

√ Walk to your destinations (if it is not so far) instead of using a car.
√ Do a quick "workout" like push ups in between your daily activities.
√ Start your day with a workout - in the early morning hours.

10. Hire an Expert Personal Trainer

Faster results could be achieved in losing weight if you have a personal trainer guiding you through it all.
That's because personal trainers know what works and what doesn't. And they have helped a lot of people achieve the same result that you want.

Personal trainers are worth it. And if you have the money, I seriously recommend that you consider hiring one.

But you can't just pick up your phone and call your best friend to become your personal trainer. While that is a good move, I don't recommend it in any way at all. It's unlikely to bring any result.

The best option is to get an EXPERT personal trainer who knows the ins and the outs of "weight loss workouts".

When you choose this option, all your questions about workouts will be answered by someone who knows about them.

Also, if you have any health issues that might affect how you exercise, the professional personal trainer could create a custom workout plan that will be perfect for you.

11. Try Weight Lifting

Did you know that those who lift weights have a flatter stomach than those who don't? And they look better too.

 So,  apart from encouraging the growth of muscles, scientists have found out that your body systems will be working at a very excellent rate if you are lifting weight.

There's this common fear among ladies that lifting weight will make them to become bulky and manly. But that's not true.

When you continually lift weight, it makes your skin become toned and softer to the touch.
 And what lady doesn't want a soft and toned skin?

12. Sleep More

Have you noticed that in the morning after any night that you failed to sleep that you feel more hungry than usual?

Those who miss their night sleep are very likely to overeat. This fact is backed by science.

So, whenever you see yourself getting tired, go get a nap.
Obeying this call of nature is very important for your health.

Sleeping will give your brain time to prepare for the next day.
The recommended amount of time that an adult should sleep each day is seven hours.

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