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How to Take A Screenshot on Mac EASILY

Do you want to take a screenshot on Mac?

Of course, the answer is yes.
That's because that sometimes it becomes highly necessary to save the display of our computer screen for reference purposes.

This guide will give you the best WORKING steps on how to do that.

It is fast, easy and delivers you exactly the picture quality that you want it to be in.

Apart from the FAST method of taking screenshots, I am also going to show you other tips that you are going to use when you are feeling bored of that first method.
To an extent, it is relatively easy and fast too.

Let's dive right in!

1. Screenshot the whole screen

√ Hold down Cmd  and Shift, then press 3. The cmd is labelled exactly as stated on this guide. It is located immediately at the left of the space bar of the Mac keyboard.

√ Once you did the above step correctly, your screenshot will be automatically saved to the computer.

To find it, you should look for it on the desktop home.
If you didn't find it, use the search box of your computer to look for it.

It is normally saved with a file name that corresponds to the date that the screenshot was taking.

This is the easiest method of taking screenshots because it involved only one or two steps.

Others are easy but not like it. The reason for that is that you just have to take the screenshot without worrying wether it captured some unnecessary areas.

2. How to take a screenshot of a selected portion of your screen

√ Determine the area of your Mac display that you want to capture.

√ Press Command + Shift + 4. This keyboard key combination will make automatically make your cursor to become a crosshair.

√ Position the crosshair at the area that you have decided to screenshot.

√ Drag the crosshair to capture all the portion that you need.

√ If the need to change the direction which the crosshair is moving arises, use the space bar to serve that purpose.

√ When you are done with selecting the area that you need, release the mouse and it will automatically save the area selected.

√ If there was a mistake during the selection process and you don't want it to be be saved, just ensure that you press the Escape key before you release the mouse.

√ To find where the screenshot went on your Mac, look for a picture with the same date and time that you took it.

√ You can transfer the screenshot to clipboard on Mac if you want by replacing the shift with Ctrl.

3. How to Take a Screenshot of a Window

√ Press the Shift, Cmd and 4 buttons together at the same time. Your cursor/pointer will turn into a crosshair instantly.

√ Press the Space bar. The pointer changes to a camera.

√ Highlight the window carefully by slowly dragging the camera over it.

√ Release your mouse to save the picture.

√ Just like before, you can find where the screenshot was saved in by using the search box. Enter the date that you took the shot in order to find it.

Please Note:
∆ The screenshots can be taken without any form of notification for you. This happens if your PC is in silent mode.

∆ DVD Players and some other apps on Mac do not allow you to take screenshots.

∆ Add control to the key combinations if you want to save the picture to clipboard instead of the desktop.

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