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How to Remove Blog Name From Page Title in Individual Blog Posts

Doing keyword research is great.

Knowing how to write keyword optimized titles is great.

But what if your efforts are not producing the kind of results that you were expecting? What is making your blog posts to still be buried among the millions of other websites?

The answer may found in your blog post titles.

Here's why;

In SEO, there is something called "keyword density". Keyword density refers to the ratio of the number of times a particular "keyword" is used on a document (web page) to the total number of words in the blog post.

So, it makes sense that a blog post about "search engine optimization" will mention "SEO" in the title of the post and several times in the body of the article.

 This trend could be observed also in normal human conversations. If you pay attention to most conversations, you find out that whatever that is being discussed is mentioned frequently.

As it turns out, search engines also do that.

And because of the fact that search engines use this as a way of understanding what the content of the page is all about, it becomes highly important to bloggers and SEO experts.

The most important place to apply this keyword density is the title. The title of the post indicates to the search engines what your web page is all about.

At this juncture, it's important to note that as search engines index blog posts, they also include the blog names.

The blog names normally dilutes the keyword density of your title by adding a word or two.

This affects the ranking of the blog on SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). It becomes worse if the blog name is the complete opposite of what you want to rank for. Or worse still, if the blog name comprises of three or more words.

If your blog is facing this kind of problem - leading to reduced visibility on search engines, here are some steps you can take to correct it.

To remove blog name from page title in individual blog posts, you have to edit the source code (HTML) of the website.

Before you make the change, the format of the post titles on search engines will look like this (blogspot blogs);

[Blog Name]: [Blog Post Title]

You will have to remove [Blog Name] so that it will now be seen as [Blog Post Title] on search engine results.

To get started, go to the [back end] or the admin dashboard of the blogger [blogspot] or WordPress blogs and edit your site design [blog template].

Find this code;


And replace it with this code;

<b:if cond='data:blog.pageType   <title>     <data:blog.pageName/> </tit   <b:else/>   <title>     <data:blog.pageTitle/>   </title> </b:if>

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