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Mindblowing Beauty Tips: How to Apply Makeup

Makeup is not a mask,

It is an art, an expression and a passion that every girl must master.

According to Charlotte Tilbury, beauty is power and makeup is something that really enhances it; it's a woman's secret.

In this new TokoHow guide you’ll learn how to apply makeup that makes your face become FLAWLESS and beautiful…

Check it out:

1. Wash Your Face Thoroughly.

Since you go out almost everyday, it is safe to assume that you add makeup to your face all the time.

Therefore, the next time that you want to apply makeup, the first thing that you are supposed to do is to to wash whatever that was on your face previously.

To do this well, you have to get a soap that won't irritate your skin or one that won't undergo a chemical reaction with some of the products that you will use to makeup.

If you have the money, you should consider buying some high quality facial cleansers from an online store like Amazon.

Your hair should not be left out of the washing process. It is common for women to have long hair that touches both sides of their faces.
That makes it highly possible that your makeup will be smeared at some parts of your hair. Sulphates have been noted to be very efficient in doing this kind of stuff, so use it.

PRO TIP: Use hot water first to cleanse your face. It will help you to clean your face effectively and faster.
 It will also open your pores. To end the cleansing, use cold water preferably an ICE COLD water.
Doing this will close your pores faster. And make your skin very very smooth.
Beauty experts use this a lot.
You should give it a try.

2. Find Out Your Skin Type and Your Face Type

It is better that you didn't wear any makeup at all than to wear it on the wrong skin type.

Understanding your skin type should be the very first step you should take while starting a beauty regimen.

Your skin type could either be oily, hydrated or dry. Figure out yours and you are already on your path to completely transform your face.

It is only when you have understood the state of your face that you could now pick the mist suitable makeup for it.

This knowledge will also be applied whenever you are buying different makeup that could be applied over the other.

For instance, wearing an oil based makeup on top of a water based cosmetic will become a disaster on your face after an hour or so.

At this juncture, it is of no use to say that oil based makeup should go with oil based skincare.

When it comes to your face type, if there's a part of your face that you want to make less prominent, employ the use of thin brushes of your makeup. This technique is also used to elongate round faces and contour heart shaped ones.

3. Apply a Concealer

Acnes, overly opened pores, scars e.t.c are the kinds of stuff that a concealer covers up.

You should not over do that, otherwise you will artificially create bumps on your face with it.

Add just enough concealer, your foundation will take care of the rest.

You can be quite liberal with what you use to apply the concealer; beauty sponges, brushes, and even your fingers are welcome in so far as they do a nice job.

4. Apply Foundation

Your skin type influence or affect the kind  of foundations that you are putting on.

So, if you have an oily skin, you should stick with oil based foundations. Powdery foundations have also been proved to be good.

Dry skin types accept powdery and oily foundations. However, you should not use powdery foundations on a dry skin. That could cause some serious hydration problems.

The amount of the foundation that you want to use should measured according to the size of the cream that you would normally apply on your face.

If you have no idea of what you are doing, aim at getting a very small quantity. You can improvise something to serve as a blender.

However, it is advisable to use foundation brushes which are specially manufactured for that purpose.

5. Apply Blush

Nothing is more thrilling to a man than seeing a woman blush.

 The best way to retain this kind of "hot look" is to apply them as a makeup.

Since blushing is more of a natural activity, applying it normalizes all the other makeup.

If you want to capture the best place to put the blush, you should smile your best smile. Immediately you figure out the best position for it, gently dab on your cheeks and blend it properly.

6. Add the Eye Shadow Properly

Any small mistake that you make while applying the eye shadow could end up making resembling a witch.

Eye shadow could improve or destroy all those hours you stood at the mirror beautifying yourself.

So, be very careful with that.

If you've noticed that your lids are normally oily, then you will need to use the primer.
Apply any eye shadow of your choice and use a blender to smoothen it.

7. Apply Lipstick

Perfect red lips - that's a sign of a very beautiful woman. Beautify yourself by adding some colours of your choice to your lips.

Before you apply lipsticks, always remove the dead skins normally found on the lips. This could be carried out with a brush. If you want something lighter, get a damp cloth and scrub it on your lips.

The trick to making your lip stick last longer is to first of apply a lip balm before applying the lip stick. The lip balm will serve as a form of foundation for the lip stick.

Beauty experts recommended applying the lip stick twice so that it will last longer on your lips. The second one should be applied after about 3 minutes that you applied the first one.

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