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How to Airdrop FAST

Airdrop is an iOS app that help its users to share or transfer files to their devices - iPhone, iPad and Mac.

It became the most preferred app to share files in iOS devices because of its speed. This feature is as a result of the fact that it was programmed to make use of the device's WiFi during file sharing.

What that implies is that you can be able to send and receive pictures, videos, docs or any other kind of file within a twinkle of an eye.

Another great feature that makes Airdrop to stand out is that it is not one of those apps that drain your battery as soon as they are launched. So, its highly power efficient.

Here's how to turn your Airdrop on ad use it.

1. Visit the Control Center of your iPhone or iPad. This could be accessed by swiping up from the bottom of your device.

2. Turn on the WiFi and Bluetooth of your device. Just like I mentioned in the beginning of this article, the main functionality of Airdrop is highly dependent on the Wi-Fi that was built to your iPhone or iPad.

 If the WiFi is not on as at the time that you want to make use of the app, then it will be highly difficult if not impossible to share files. The Bluetooth should also be toggled on.

The mobile hotspot and the WiFi don't work together. Before you start using airdrop, ensure that the hotspot is turned off.

Even though airdrop seems to be in the need of WiFi to function every time, that doesn't imply you are going to need an internet connection. It is possible to airdrop files even completely offline.

3. Tap on Airdrop to enable it.

4. Open the location of the file that you want to share with Airdrop.

5. Click on the share button.

6. Select the person that you want to receive the files. To ensure that the file transfer will go smoothly, it is advisable to switch temporarily to "Everyone" in order to avoid a mismatch of accounts.
Although, that is not specifically a rule.

However, making Airdrop files available for "Contacts Only" will require you and the other person to be be signed in to you.

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