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How to Boil Eggs Properly and Perfectly

Want to make the perfect hard boiled eggs? Here are the seven tips that are sure to help.

1. Gather the Necessary Cooking Utensils and Ingredients

Even though that the boiling of eggs don't require much utensil, it is necessary to keep everything near and handy.

This is to avoid looking for anything frantically at the very that it's needed. Apart from the fact that it will make the boiling less stressful, it can as well make you faster and more organized.

Cooking utensils that you are going to need are bowls, a pot and a spoon.
All that is important as the ingredients include the egg itself and water.

2. Wash The Eggs Properly

Many people make the mistake of cooking eggs without first of all giving it a good wash.

Most times, this makes the eggs to have a nasty taste after being boiled. The reason for that is that it must have collected some dirt on its shells.

Apart from the fact that sometimes, it makes the taste of the boiled eggs to be altered, it is also not very healthy.

So, before you start with the boiling, pour water into a bowl and wash each of the eggs very well.

3. Put the Eggs Into a Pot

When you are done with cleaning the eggs, gently drop each of them into the pot. Experts advise that it is better to boil a few eggs at a time.

There's nothing wrong with boiling a lot of it at a time - if you can handle it. However, there is a high chance that they will not boil properly.

The rule of thumb is that the eggs should be evenly spaced at the bottom of the pot.

Add cold water and make sure that it is completely covering the contents of the pot.

4. Start Boiling

Light your stove, gas cooker, electric cooker or whatever it is that provides you with the heat for cooking.

The next thing that you should do is to add the pot containing the eggs and cold water on top of the heat source.

Then, allow the water to become well heated and boil for for about 5 minutes or more.

5. Turn off the Heat

 Turn off the heat and leave the eggs in the hot water of the pot.

The length of time that you will leave the eggs in the hot water depends on the type of eggs that you want.

 If you want it to be hard boiled, then you have to leave it there for about 7 minutes.

However, if you want a soft boiled egg then you should let it stay in the water for a shorter time.

6. Tap the Shell Gently

This step helps you to make the eggs easy to peel.

Pour some cold water into a bowl and add the eggs from the pot.

As you get each of them out, tap the shell gently to create a little crack.

Add the eggs into the bowl of cold water.

7. Peel off the shells and eat!
This is the final step on how to boil eggs. Calm down and enjoy your food.

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