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How to Ask For A Raise and Increase Your Salary by 200% Fast

How to ask for a raise

This is the most thorough guide  about employee request for a pay raise.

In this new guide you’ll learn the necessary things that you should do that will help you to ask your boss for a raise…

…and actually get it.

You’ll also get access to the MOST IMPORTANT strategy that will work almost all of the time no matter where you are working.

Check it out.

1. Make Your Request at the Right Time

"Master the art of timing" is an epic advice right out of the book titled 48 Laws of Power by Robert Greene.

This advice is also very important as you plan to walk into your boss' office demanding for an increase in salary.

At this point, you should make sure that the financial health of your boss is in good shape.
 If it's not, then the probability of your request being granted is very low.

In fact, you should never make the request in the first place. That might end up getting you fired - something that you don't obviously want.

Another dangerous time for requesting for an increase in salary is during a high stress time.

 Of course, that's a no brainer but you should be aware of it.

Always wait till things have eased up a little and your employer seems less occupied.

2. Get Known For Your Accomplishments

When you newly began to work for the company, you did all your best and even went beyond what was expected of you.

There was this fire of enthusiasm that drove you to produce excellent results.

Well, now is the time to rekindle that fire.

Think of it this way, why would your employer add a cent to your salary if you have not contributed anything "exceptionally good".
And worse still, you are not someone that has being in his best behavior.

So here's what you should do...

Always be the first person to enter the office.
Coming early doesn't mean that you should just on the light and wait for the others to come.

Start getting things done. If there's something your co-worker left undone in the day before, finish it.

Start addresing issues and solving problems that's assigned to any specific person within the company.

When you start like that, you might be surprised at how much you will achieve before the day passes.

A side project is another thing you should consider doing if you want to stand out from other employees.

This side project should be in such a way that neither your co-workers nor your boss will have any share of the risks associated with it.

However, all of them will gain all the benefits associated with it if it is successfully completed.

It is advisable that you start and work on the project at home. Also, you should not tell anybody about it until it is successfully completed.

That way, you will gain lots of admiration from your coworkers and a pleasant smile from your employer on the day of the surprise announcement of your project.

Not telling them about the project prior to the release will also make you to take your time while working on it.
You will not be under any form of pressure to complete it. Maybe, in the long run, you might decide to stop working on it.

3. Watch Out For the Reasons that You Give

I know that you are supposed to give reasons, but you cannot just give any reason.

While preparing and brainstorming the list of reasons that will persuade your boss to give you a pay raise, leave your personal problems out of it.

For instance, your employer might not be very pleased if you tell him that you are seeking for a pay raise so as to send your child to the college.

I know that it might be the main reason for even considering asking for an increase in your salary but your boss will not like to hear it.

Your problem is your problem. Deal with it.

Making references to the salaries of your coworkers and using it to demand for an increase in your salary is also a very bad approach.

Of course, it is possible that the coworker earning more than you does less work and might not even have the kind of skills that you have.
But you don't need to capitalise on that in proving your point.

PRO TIP: Ask for a pay raise after you have recorded a huge success within the company. 99% of people who used this tip reported that it WORKED. 

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