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How to Convince Someone Easily | Quick and Dirty Tips

How to Convince Someone Easily
how to convince someone easily

Step 1
Begin in a friendly Way:

It will be easier for you to persuade a person if the person that you are trying to persuade perceives you as a friend.

They believe that friends care for each other and have the interest of each other at heart and so it will not be long before they buy whatever it is that you are telling them.

Step 2
Get the other Person Saying ‘YES, YES’ Immediately:

Psychologists have proved that a ‘ no ‘ response is a not easy to overcome.

 This is because the person involved will try to maintain and defend his answer even if the person later realizes that he was wrong all along.

 Hence, it is a good advice to prevent your opponent from saying no.

In order to do this, you have to find out what the person wants most from the subject of discussion.

And the only way that you will find that out is by questioning that person.

 When you must have found out what the person wanted, use the areas in which both of you agree upon to start persuading the person.

Step 3
Listen More And Talk Less:

Do not think that excessive talk will enable you to persuade someone quickly and easily.

 It might seriously backfire and shatter all your plans.

Give your target opportunity to talk themselves out.
They are more aware of their business and daily life troubles ninety nine times more than you do.

Avoid the temptation of interrupting them as they talk.

Just give them your ears with an open mind and encourage them to express their ideas fully.

Step 4
Let the Other Person Feel That the Idea is his or hers:

People love to see themselves as intelligent and important, therefore it will be much easier for someone to accept an idea or a solution that they discovered for themselves than a very intelligent idea handed to them in a silver plate.

 Trying to force people to accept your opinion is will not only make that you ‘intelligent’ opinion rejected but also it will make others to hate you for trying to be too clever.

Whenever you want to get your ideas across to people, simply make suggestions and let the other person think out the conclusion.

 If you do it well enough, the person might even give you credit publicly for that later on.

Step 5
Employ Noble Intentions While Persuading Someone:

Most times, the real purpose for our trying to persuade someone is not valuable or good.

Therefore, you need to hide your real intentions in order for them to buy your idea.

For instance, you want to a customer to buy an additional clothe item after buying the first one so that you could make more sales, you are not going to tell him that, will you?

 Telling him that the second clothe that he is going to buy will be a good complement for the first clothe is a better reason.

Step 6
Demonstrate Your Ideas:

The cliché that goes that action speaks louder than voice becomes clearer in this aspect.

 Most people will clearly understand what you mean when they have seen the dramatized aspect of your speech.

Master persuaders and psychologists advise that showing works more than telling because seeing is believing.

Step 7
Create a Challenge or Competition:

People like challenge and that is more as a result of the fact that they want to maintain their pride than anything else.

That is to say that the easiest way for you to get anybody to do anything for you is by making the proposal or request.

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