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How to shoot a Hollywood movie only with a smartphone: How to make a movie with a smartphone

How to make Hollywood movies with one smartphone.

how to make a movie with a smartphone
Making movies with smartphone whether android, iPhone or any other smartphone will help to advance your career in the movie industry.

Don't just give up your movie idea because one of your friends said that it is impossible to make movies on smartphone. In fact, a lot of people apart from gaining recognition through their smartphone movies had made a lot of money and had increased their movie making experience.

Shooting films on a mobile phone helps the directors to take all the risks possible in order to get the perfect shot since there were less money at stake. Also, smartphones are small and portable. This feature allows them to be quite handy in shooting movie scenes that could not ordinarily be captured with an ordinary camera.

So if you are ready to break into the Hollywood movie industry with your smartphone, this tokoHow article contains everything that you have to do and know in order to shoot your movie on mobile phones.

1. Gather Your Smartphone Filmmaking Equipments:
Making a short film with a smartphone requires that you get ready all the smartphone filmmaking equipments that are necessary to bring your film to life.

Your mobile phone which you will use to shoot the videos are of course the first and the most important. You have to make sure that your smartphone camera resolution is of high quality preferably HD or a nearer quality. Any kind of mobile phone with a very good camera is just oka for making the movie.

Other features that you should double check on the phone that you are intending to do the filming with are the microphone, the battery and the storage capacity of your phone. It is always advisable to have an extra battery pack and microSD storage cards available. Then, if the microphone of your smartphone is not functional, you can buy or borrow a detachable microphone. Ensuring that all the smartphone filmmaking equipments are available and functional will help to improve the quality of your short or long film.

2. Gather Your Casts and Crews For the Mobile Phone Filmmaking:
It is normally assumed that if you are choose mobile phone Filmmaking for shooting your project, then you intend to make the movie on a low budget or with little amount of money. What this implies is that instead of calling professional casts and crews for your movie project, you can get it completely free or with less money if you invite your friends and neighbors that are interested to become part of the movie.

Don't worry about being rejected, dare to ask your friends and neighbours to to act in the movie for free or with less money. Indie filmmakers that are successful today began in such a manner. Independent movie projects opens doors that you never knew existed.

3. Learn How to Shoot a Movie From Different Camera Angles With One Smartphone:
Once you laid the ground work of getting ready your movie script and your mobile phone filmmaking equipments, you should get movies shot by professional camera men with the normal camera and movies shot with mobile phones.

 Take note of the several camera angles and transitions. Get your movie crew to watch tutorial videos on YouTube to get a feel of how the shooting should go. You can as well read blog posts based primarily on the camera techniques used for shooting movies.

4. Get the Storyboard Version of Your Movie Script:
Filmmakers don't joke with storyboards. This is because it helps them to know exactly where the camera should go next and not become distracted with the scene of the shoot. In case you don't know its meaning, storyboards are just like the picture representation of what the camera will be focusing on at each point in the movie.

70% of the wow factor of your movie is achieved with detailed and good movie storyboarding. And as a result, you cannot afford to get it wrong. Most expert cameramen have been noted to have said that an excellent camera movement can make a meaningless plot worth watching.

5. Turn On Airplane Mode on Your Phone:
The worst thing that you might want in the middle of shoot which has been flowing just perfectly is to have your phone to start ringing suddenly.
 It's just so annoying! In order to avoid this scenario, all you have to do is turn on airplane mode on your phone.

 However, if you are expecting that someone instrumental to the production of the movie might call you, just find someone among your cast or crew that has a phone with double sim slots and insert your SIM card.

6. Know the Basics Of Shooting Professional Videos With Mobile Phones:
Having a pillar boxing on your movie makes it to scream "Hey, I was shot with a smartphone". And that makes people to think that it's an amateur movie and might not take it seriously. In case you don't know, pillar boxing are the two black bars visible on videos shot with portrait mode on smartphones.

So, in order to film like a pro cameraman, invert your phone so that it makes the movie viewable on PCs and TV's. Also, shooting with your phone held horizontally will enable you to have a firm grip on the phone if tripod stand is not available.

7. Watch Out for Proper Lighting:
You can't just say " Okay, I am a home movie maker, I will ignore lighting after all lighting is for the pros". Doing that will make you to end up with a movie that no one might watch till the end. So, how can you tackle this very technical aspect of filmmaking?

Well, there's actually a way that you could do it without breaking a sweat or shaking up your bank account. The one click secret of light control that you should master as an indie filmmaker is the use of black and white clothes.

8. Avoid Zooming:
Phone cameras don't give you the liberty of zooming in on distant objects at whatever rate that you want. And it has a nasty way of doing it that makes it to be blurry and shaky. Therefore, try as much as possible to steer clear of the zoom button on your phone while shooting.

9. Ensure that the Video Footages for the Movie is Arranged in their Order of Appearance
There could be nothing more annoying than having to reedit a movie because the movie contains a misplaced video file or a condemned video file. Label your video footages properly to avoid confusion. And ensure that each audio is matched to its corresponding video file.

All of these editing and more could be carried out right on your phone or you can transfer it to your laptop. There are assorted softwares and apps that you could use to add any special effects to your movie as you might want. Examples of such apps and softwares include Adobe after effects, Maya, iMovie, FXguru etc.

10. Create Your Movie Intros, Movie Outros, Teasers and Trailers.
Except in very special cases, creating a movie intro (opening credits), a movie autro (closing credits) as well as trailers mark the end of the post production aspect of the movie.

In order to create a movie trailer, into and outro that is capable of engaging the eyeballs, you have to buy some professionally made movie trailer templates from audiohive. However, going for the free commercial after effects movie trailers is also good.

Finally, Whenever you are making movies with your smartphone, always try to be as professional as those shooting with normal cameras made especially for movies. That is where the pride and glory of every smartphone filmmaker lie.

If you feel like you have made a blockbuster movie, you can take your movie to various film festivals dedicated primarily for films shot on phones like Mobil Film Festival, iPhone Movie Festival etc. Try taking it to film festivals for conventional films too like Sundance, Cannes etc.

Tangerine was a movie shot on iPhone which got selected on several film festivals and even opened in a theater.

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