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How to Prevent Kids From Watching Nude Videos on YouTube

How to Prevent Kids From Watching Nude Videos on YouTube.

YouTube restricted mode or age appropriate videos

YouTube inappropriate videos or videos which are unsafe for kids in the family are becoming almost rampant in most YouTube channels.
However, the editors at YouTube has released family safety features which if properly enabled will prevent kids from watching nude videos on YouTube.

1. Gather all the devices that have internet access.
2. Visit the YouTube site on your main browser on each of these devices.

3. Sign in with your own Google account on each of these devices. Also, you should make sure that the kids have no way of figuring out the password so as to prevent them from turning off the restricted mode.
4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page. You'll find the "Restricted Mode" menu here.

5. Click the "Restricted Mode" menu. A list of options will be displayed for you to choose. One of these options reads "on" and that's what you are going to click.

6. Click on the on button and proceed to lock it on that particular browser. The option of doing this is displayed directly below where you selected YouTube restricted mode.

7. Click save to finalise all the settings required to enable YouTube restricted mode for family safe videos.

8. Repeat on all browsers,on all devices. And ensure that you disable incognito mode on each of the browsers to ensure that they do not bypass the settings.

YouTube restricted mode

YouTube restricted mode is not the best way to prevent kids from watching inappropriate videos on YouTube.
 This is primarily because that the YouTube restricted mode depends on users of YouTube flagging a video as adult rated or as containing violent scenes not suitable for underage children.

Therefore the best way to prevent kids from watching inappropriate videos is to block them completely from YouTube. You can do that by using OPENDNS filters. OPENDNS filters makes sure that whichever device uses your routers doesn't visit any website that you don't want to get visited which is YouTube in this case.

Another way is to create a website and personally choose safe videos from YouTube and embed them on the website. And then, you will give your children access to the website instead of them going directly to YouTube. You can choose to make it available on the search engines so that other's children can access it as well.

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