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How to Create a Forum With Google Groups

How to Create a Forum With Google Groups

how to create a forum with Google Groups

Google groups is a web tool developed by Google to help people to create interactive forums. Although, it is not primarily a forum creating platform, one can make it to be just that with just a few clicks. So if you are looking to start your first knowledge sharing or collaborative forum, read this step by step guide to learn how to set it up with Google Groups.

1. Visit the Google Groups website:
To get started, open a new tab on your browser and type in the following URL

2. Log in to your Google Groups account:

You don't have to worry about signing up for a Google Groups account if you already have a Gmail account. This is because Google has made it in such a way that users can access all of their products with one account.
Type in your email address on the box that is displayed on the page. Most times, you don't need to go through the hassle of signing in especially if you have already signed in to your Google account with that particular browser that you are using.

3. Click on the "Create Group" button:

It is a reddish button located at the top of the page. Once you click on it, it will take you direct to where you will set up your group or forum.

4. Enter the name of the forum in the group name box:

This is the first and important information that you have to enter in order to create your forum. It is always a good idea to make the name to be generic. Also, try to make it in such a way that anybody can easily deduce what the group is about by simply reading it.

5. Enter your Google Groups email address:

Google groups email address is just the general email address of available for use for all the members of that particular group. They will collaborate and share knowledge with that email address.
 If you have an already thought out email address for the Google Group, you can simply input it on the second field on the Google group creating page. However, if you have no idea of what to you for the Google group email address, you can simply inputfew random letters and let google suggest email addresses suitable for your Google group.

6. Enter the Google Group description:

Although it is about the largest box on that page, you can type in a maximum of 300 characters. What that implies is that is that you should briefly describe to someone looking to find out what is likely to be found on your Google group. Just like the name, the description should be able to reflect the major topic of the group.

7. Select the Google Group's primary language:

The primary language of your forum help prospective group members to know which language most of the discussion will be done in. It doesn't mean that no other languages will be allowed in that particular Google group. That having been said, you should try to consider your target audience first before setting the language.

8. Choose the Group Type:

Group types are pre-configured  settings for your Google group and make setting up your group easier and faster. However, you can change the group type later on after creating the forum. Groups in this section include Email List, Web Forum, and Q&A Forum. The names of the group types are self explanatory. If you choose email list as your group type, then you are opting to allow your members post directly from their email address.
To create a forum, you should either choose Web Forum or Q&A Forum. Both of them allows you to create a platform where members can interact with one another in the normal internet forum style.

9. Set the permissions under the Basic Permissions Section:

The basic permissions section is an area designated to allow forum creators choose the extent a user can go while using the forum. The things that you can set permissions for include but are viewing of posts and joining of the forum. Normally, each of them is set to be "anyone" by default.

10. Click the “Create” button:

The create button is the last thing you will do to finally create your Google group. It is not located below the fields you filled but at the top of the page. On clicking it, you will automatically receive an email notification informing you that you have successfully created a Google groups account.

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