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How to Put a Baby to Sleep Fast In Less Than 60 Seconds

How to put a baby to sleep fast in less than 60 seconds.
New born babies are required to take at least 18 hours of sleep per day. Plus, we might have some serious work to do which will not be easy for you to finish if the baby is not asleep.
To make a baby to sleep fast, here's a tested working secret you can use.

1. The Baby's Diapers Should be Changed so as to make the Baby to Sleep Fast:
Babies are very sensitive to changes in temperature. As a result, when you let them sleep on with their diapers unchanged, it can make the baby to wake occasionally.

Therefore, what that means is that your baby's diapers should be changed if the baby is to sleep comfortably.
On the flipside, if your baby is not wearing diapers, you can put a neat and dry clothe at the exact point where his or her waist starts.

The whole point of this activity is to enable you to keep the baby asleep for as long as possible after you must have applied the wonderful baby sleep inducing technique written below.

2. Put the Baby into a Baby Sleeping Crib or a Well Made Bed:
It is not uncommon to find out that a baby's crib is wet, or that the sleeping bed of the baby is littered with the baby's toys. Ensure that you remove all those before laying the kid on top of the bed. Leaving those toys on the baby's sleeping bed  can make the baby to wake up faster than needed.

3. Lay the Baby On Its Back:
Carefully put the baby on top of the sleeping bed that you had previously prepared. You should lay the baby in such a way that his face is directed to yours.

Some people prefer having the baby on their arms. In all, the general rule of thumb is to ensure that the baby is facing you and that the baby is comfortable or cozy in a recommended sleeping positions for babies.

4. Get a Handkerchief or Tissue Paper:
To perform this trick of getting your baby to sleep faster, you have to make a handkerchief or toilet paper handy.

If it is a handerkerchief that you want to use, check that it is neither dusty nor contaminated in any way. The same goes for tissues, the only exception being that the tissue should not be wooly or of poor quality. If you are not sure wether the tissue paper is good, stick to the handkerchief.

Another important thing that should be taken note of is that any material that you chose to use to put your baby to sleep should be very light. The extent of how this trick works largely depends on it.

5. Shut Off All Sources Of Sounds to Put the Baby to Sleep:
It's obvious, the motion sound of the fan, the banging beats of the television and even your continually ringing phone constitute a great obstacle to outing a child to sleep. Therefore, all sources of noise should be silenced.

Even if you are to sing a lullaby, you shouldn't try to impress your baby with how high your voice is. So, keep it simple, slow, soft and sweet.

6. Shut Off the Sources of Light so That the Baby can Feel Drowsy:
Even adults find it difficult to sleep in a highly lighted areas, not to talk of new born babies whose sleep wake cycle is still unstable.

So, that window, that bulb, should lose their lights on the instant that you are ready to put the baby to sleep.
In darkness, you will observe that the baby will become drowsy and readier to sleep instinctively.

7. Get Yourself in a  Comfortable Position Over the Baby:
Sit, stand, crouch or do any other thing you like but ensure that you are facing the baby.

Avoid putting yourself in a compromising position that might make it impossible for you to leave after putting the baby to sleep.
One of such bad postures for putting a baby to sleep is putting your hands below the head of the baby.

8. Move the Handkerchief Repeatedly Over the Face Of the Baby:
That's the no-brainer and fast method to get your baby snoring soundly.
Why it works is that touching the facial features of humans such as nose, eye brows, cheeks, lips etc normally gets one drowsy. And since the skin of the new born babies is still fresh, it works excellently in making the babies to sleep fast.

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