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How to be a Travel Agent

Traveling makes one wiser and so is being a travel agent. Becoming a travel agent is associated with a lot of advantages, one of which is very obvious is that you will get to see different parts of a particular geographical location that you are working at. So, how does one get to land this awesome job of becoming a travel agent? Read on to identify the must-haves and the must-dos of this spectacular profession.

Section 1
Educational Qualifications:
1. Acquire Secondary Education Certificate:

The name might vary from country to country but the value does not change. In most countries, it is called high school while in others,  it is called secondary education. However, the most important thing here is that if you want to apply for any job including travel agent, you have to have a secondary school or high school certificate as the basic or minimum requirement.
The importance of at having at least the basic certificate of your country is to enable you to face the various kinds of people that you might encounter throughout your career.

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2. Learn How to Use the Computer and the Internet :

The world is becoming more and more technologically advanced. Hence, helping people to move from one place to another as a travel agent can require you to have a good or at least manageable knowledge of computer operation.

This skill is quite handy when contacting your clients, arranging travel charts and processing of identity documents of travelers.

Mastering the internet can also be a huge plus on your profile. This is as a result of the fact that most traditional ways of contacting people has shifted to online platforms.

One such example of these online platforms of contacting people includes the social media. If you are pro on all things social media, you might even be surprised that your travel agency might appoint you to become the social media manager.

As a social media manager for a travel agency, your work will surely include making former clients to keep your travel agency in mind, engaging prospective travel clients with awesome posts and managing the adverts and other online marketing of the company.

Moreover, even if you can read offline maps, it is not a bad idea to try your hands on online maps. An example of a place to find maps in the internet includes the Google Map. If you want to experiment with other online map sources, do a Google Search for it and you will be presented with thousands of choices.

3. Enroll in a Vocational School That Trains Those Who Wish to Become Travel Agents:

Wether you are intending to start your own travel agency or planning to work for an already established one, having a specialized knowledge will enable you to stand out among your contemporaries or colleagues.

That having been said, the best method of acquiring this specific or professional knowledge is by attending a vocational school wether it is online or offline.

Scammers are everywhere including the educational sector, hence, ensure that you review every online vocational school that is provided, otherwise you will waste huge amount of money and time for nothing.

In that vocational school, you have to choose a specific branch of the travel agent that you want to venture into, examples include but not limited to reservation systems, travel regulations, and travel marketing.

4. Get a Supplemental Training at Schools like The Travel Institute and the International Airline Transport Association’s Training and Development Institute.

IATAN (International Airlines Travel Agent Network) and The Travel Institute and the International Airline Transport Association’s Training and Development Institute offer developmental training opportunities to travel agent beginners or travel agent professionals.

At the end of this particular training session, they will give you their official ID cards which kind of welcomes among other travel agents and make you more trustworthy.

So they are a kind of an additional credentials to make you to be marked out of the backroom travel agents.

5. Get a Travel Agent License :
Travel agent license is very crucial especially if you don't want to be placed alongside travel scammers.  What this simply implies is that before you can press the start button for your profession as a travel agent, it is necessary to have your travel agent license handy.

Now, the question that might be on your mind now is how one can acquire that certificate. The short answer to that is the state government secretariat within your own country. The long answer is that it it varies widely according to your country. And it is not uncommon to discover that your state is not issuing the certificate.
For instance, in the whole of the United States of America, only 7 states issue this travel agent license.

The bottom line of all these is to research the internet or ask those around you who is currently in the travel trade so as to discover the way one can get the certificate in your area as well as the necessary requirements for it.

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Section 2
Development Of Professional Skills
1. Know and Imbibe the Professional Traits of a Travel Agent :

In case that you have not observed, travel are known for their sterling qualities like good time management and effective communication skills. To a lay man outside the travel professional circle, those are the only traits of a travel agent.

But there is more.

A travel agent should be someone that loves adventure and loves connecting with people.

Extraordinarily successful traveling agents in history are the ones that discovered a zany or never-before-seen locations. So, as a travel agent, you should love venturing out to discover more exciting things for your customers to see even if it seems dangerous.
How successful your profession is as a travel agent depends almost entirely on two things - your communication skills and how networked that you are.

Your communication skills will help you in interacting well with your present and prospective clients wether on the phone or on the internet.
Being a networked is an essential attribute of a travel agent.

You should be able to make connections with your customers, your fellow agents and even your family and friends. Establishing a strong relationship with them, you will always be the person that pops to the mind when anyone close to them mentions anything related to traveling.

And for that to happen, you have to ensure that you make a very good and long lasting impression on them.

Proper time management during the travel, neat and comfortable traveling aeroplane and great customer service through out the whole journey is what makes return customers and them talk about you to their friends and family.

2. Familiarize Yourself With the Places That You Want Your Business to Cover:

Just like the palm of your hand,  you should be able to know the places that you intend to cover. Becoming a travel agent who is a destination specialist is much better than being a Jack of all travel locations.

Zero-in on the details of the places of your choice and discover everything that improve or damage he traveling experience of your clients.

Getting out there or seeing it for yourself will enable you to discover and prepare for certain unforeseen problems that might arise during the journey. It will also help to be able to give your potential customers first hand information about that location.

3. Know and Adapt to the Market:

Every profession has its own trade secrets. As a travel agent, it is highly recommended that you get your hands dirty to find out what's behind the door of the world of travel agents. The best methods of accomplishing this include interviewing successful travel agent veterans, reading past news stories about travel agents, reading books on the subject matter and always being alert to the events happening around you.

In addition, you should research about the total number of travel agents that have one location interest with you, point out those who are already doing well in that location, study their moves, copy, remove and add to your observations above to create something that is unique to your own travel agency.

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