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How To Drink A Lot of Alcohol Without Getting Drunk

 How to drink alcohol  a lot without getting drunk (still remain sober) is what men and women who started drinking alcoholic drink for the first time should know.
Most people think that staying sober after taking alcoholic drinks only has to do with drinking alcoholic drinks that don't get you too drunk but it is more than that. It also involves knowing how your body reacts to alcohol as well as foods that help to keep you sober. This tokoHow article will guide you through the whole process of not getting drunk after drinking a lot of alcohol (wine)

Alcoholic drinks are water-like liquid with a mixture of fermented sugar produced and processed by breweries for the purpose of consumption to make life smoth and for entertainment in an occasion. But due to the body system of human being some people can drink and get drunk not minding the quantity they drink. Settlement to digest this article will get you rid of drunkenness.

Step 1.

Use of milk.

Milk is an aquas solution containing hundreds of vitamins and mineral salt thoroughly mixed, processed and well package. It serve as body nourishment requirement.
As a drinker or planning to join.
Take a tin of liquid milk.
Shake it properly or pour it into a cup and stir thoroughly to remixed the ingredients of the milk.
Then take time to drink it.
After drinking the milk take a glass of water to digest it for proper elm congestion.

Step 2.

Use of bitter kola.

Bitter kola is a fruit like stimulant. Which is use mostly for welcoming of visitors in Igbo land. It is also use by some manufacturing industry for preparation of drugs or stimulation drug.
Take time to pile the kola into pieces of at most ¼ of full kola.
Chew all and get another, do it the same as the previous and keep it by your side.
Pick one and put it into your mouth.
Then start drinking, as you drink you chew and swallow the kola.
When the one in your mouth finish pick another kola until the piled kola finish
If you still want to drink procure another kola do it like the former and continue drinking.

Step 3.

Use of Egg.

Egg is a proteinous body nourishment full of calcium,vitamins and other minerals which condenses the alcoholic content of a drink.
Before use drink, get a raw egg (uncooked egg).
Open the shell quietly and pour it into a plate free of dirty.
Stir it to boost the reactivity of the egg composition.
Then, drink it. In next 5minutes drink water to digest it to reach your abdomen and wait for the drink to come.
Now you can go ahead to drink till you are satisfy.

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