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#3 Ways to French Kiss?

So, you desire to know how to kiss like a pro by practicing the French kiss? This article is just right for you! This style of kissing is normally associated with intimate love making. Although, there is no apparent reason for attributing this type of kiss to the French, it is believed in the world of romance that it might be of the very romantic location in France called Paris. That having been said, pucker up, get your tongue ready and let this TokoHow article guide you on the romantic art of French Kissing.
How to French Kiss
How to French Kiss
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Part One of Three

Prepare For the French Kiss

1. Soften Your Lips

Your aim for attempting the French kiss on your partner is to make him or her never forget the kiss. And when properly done, your partner will continue to feel the tingling sensation of your tongue and lips against his. This is cool, right? In order to achieve this effect, you have to make your lips clean, soft, smooth and moist. Nobody likes the to do a lip dance with someone whose lips are dried, dirty and hard as stone. There is no pleasure in that, only pain. Below are some recommended things to do so as to keep your lips in a kissable mode:

1. Drink Water: Dried lips is a sign of poor intake in water. Therefore, it is advised by health and beauty experts to take water consistently (about 7 litres per day). This will help to keep your skin moisturized, more especially your lips. Some beauty experts recommend taking two glasses of water fifteen to thirty minutes before the kiss for a better effect.
 If you don't have time to drink water, you should lick your lips subtly. That will make your lips to be soft and moistened for the kiss. In order to do it with style, you can lock eyes with your partner, lick your lips and bite it at intervals. This will help to build the perfect tension for the kiss. Care should taken however, to avoid making your lips disgusting with saliva. 

 2. Make Use of Lip Gloss: Just like it was pointed out before, that you should avoid dry lips before you kiss, one way of achieving this is by using lip gloss or chapstick. Smearing the liquid in any of them will help your lips to retain most of its moisture. In any case, you should take note to avoid using excess gloss over your lips as it could make your partner to be distracted. Plus, it will highly reduce the feelings that could be gotten from the kiss.

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2. Get Rid of Mouth Odour

Body odour is one of the reasons that could cause your partner to dread any kind of bodily contact with you. It could be worse in the case of kissing if your mouth is releasing foul odour. Imagine a boy about to kiss his girlfriend and instantly recoiling as a result of the smell oozing out of her mouth, there is nothing more embarassing. 

Before hanging out with someone who have a romantic interest in you, ensure that you do take food that will continue to make your mouth smell of its flavour. Examples of such food include garlic, onions e.t.c. The most advisable way to solve this issue is to ensure that you properly clean your mouth before hanging out with your partner.

 Some relationship experts even suggest that it is better to always have breath mints or mint-flavored gum. The importance is to take the mint during one of your bathroom breaks if you suspect that there is going to be a kiss. The importance of having a freshened breath before a French kiss cannot be over emphasized.
 That having been said, the general rule of thumb is to practice good oral and dental hygiene. And if you have a date coming ahead, try eating foods that leave no after smell or residue.


3. Time it Right

French kiss like all things have time. What this implies that not everyone will accept the combination of lip dance and tongue dance at just any time. You should pull the strings of intimacy and interest to create the perfect romantic atmosphere that is fitting for a french kiss. You and your partner should be feeling like OK "Let's do this" and not feeling distracted or worse disinterested. 

The following are few examples of what the right moment for French kiss looks like:

 1. The end of a successful date is a suitable time for intimate show of affection that will also involve the lips. The car or the frontage can properly serve this purpose in so far as it affords you the opportunity to not be disturbed. Whenever you are having a French kiss, it is important unless the situation demands it to stay away from public places. The point is to avoid someone interrupting at the very point that both of you are starting to lose yourself to the kiss. 

2. If your lover is constantly signaling for it using body language then it's probably time that you did the lip smooch. Common examples of a lover's demand for kiss includes locking eyes with you and looking at your lips, biting his or her lips at intervals while smiling seductively at you, or standing or sitting nearer to you at any given moment. 

What if you are really dying to kiss your partner at that moment? What will you do? Just ask! Yes, it could be very awkward but it couldn't be more awkward than being pushed away by your lover as a result of the lack of interest in the kiss.


4. Set the Atmosphere Before the Kiss

A lot of the pleasure that is derived in French kiss depends a lot on the atmosphere that was built before the kiss. The kiss should take place at the height of intimacy and tension that both of you have created. 
Smile is the first element that is necessary for creating the right conditions for the kiss. A smile shows that you are excited that you are about to kiss your lover. And it makes the situation to be less awkward and more light and fun. Ensure that your smile is slow, close lipped and not overly intense or forced. You can combine this with eye contact. Letting your eyes get lost in the eyes of your lover can be very romantic. 
To add extra effect, you should allow your eyes to wander to the lips of your lover and then to their eyelashes. This helps to make your partner understand that you are pleasantly overwhelmed by their presence and would appreciate kissing them.


5. Touch Your Lover Romantically

Touching has become almost an introductional feature of kisses. However, it must be noted that some people who wants to make the kiss very dramatic and unique scratch the touch aspect of kissing most times. Nevertheless, the complete sensual feelings accompanying the kiss might not be totally perceived without touching. The ease with which you break the touch barrier between you and the person that you are about to kiss depends on the number of times that you have kissed with the person.

 The various ways that you could touch your lover while initiating a kiss includes holding hands with the person, sitting with your legs touching or affectionately massaging the hands of your partner. 
The common ways used to initiate kisses include cusping your hands together against the neck of your lover, or by gently drawing him/her closer by the shoulder. 

The general rule of thumb is to try to touch the body before touching the lips so as to feel more relaxed and natural when you eventually start kissing.


6. Initiate the Kiss

You should start angling your head towards that of your partner for the kiss once you determined the perfect time for it. The reason for advising you to go in for the kiss immediately is to avoid allowing the desire for the kiss to die down. Nevertheless, you should ensure that you are slow enough for your partner to say no and also to avoid bumping heads with the person that you want to kiss.


7. Tilt Your Head Slightly to One Side

How to add avoid bumping noses with your partner while kissing has been noted as one of the curiosities of young men and women in the world of romance. Well, this is it, just tilt your head a little and your nose will magically disappear till after the kiss. You have to ensure that your head is tilted in reverse direction to the way that of your lover is tilted.


8. Close Your Eyes

Closing ones eyes during kissing apart from its romantic significance have some other benefits which include helping you not to be distracted by the looks which your lover had on his/her face while kissing you. It helps you to immerse yourself into that moment of passion which you are sharing with your partner. Some people that defied this rule ended up no longer having the interest to kiss again because their desire was replaced by curiosity.


9. Proceed to French Kiss

1. Position Your Mouth In a Romantic Kiss Mode

Yes, not all kisses are romantic! It becomes non-romantic at the instant you stiffen or loosen your lips completely. It cries "I am not interested in you that way". And such kisses should never be given to someone you love but to some people whom you are expected to show some level of care or attention like children, grandma, friends or siblings. 

 In order to avoid sending the wrong signals to your lover, you should strike the balance between loosening or stiffening your lips while moving in for the romantic exercise. This can be achieved by puckering up a little in such a manner that you will start feeling a little tension around your lips. And since we are talking about French kiss, you should try to keep your lips slightly open. This is to ensure that your lover does not feel like he or she is kissing a brick of wall when attempting to access your tongue.

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2. Start With Light Kisses

The human lips is one of the erogenous zones in the body. In order to achieve the maximum sensation possible with the lips, you have to brush your lips lightly over that of your lover. This will help to increase the pleasure of the lip dance and build the tension for other stages of the kiss. Do not hurry the kiss, slower kisses are sexier kisses.


3. Involve the Tongue

Pleasant feelings are derived whenever you touch your partner's tongues with yours because a lot of nerve endings are located in the tongue. As fun as it appears to be, not everyone would like to engage in it while kissing. So, how do you determine whether your partner wants to involve the tongue in the kiss? One of the ways of determining this is by engaging in lip lock with your partner. A lip lock is a condition in which partners kissing themselves stack their lips in the following order: lower lip + upper lip + lower lip + upper lip. While in this position, swiftly roll your tongue over the lower lip of your partner. And if he is interested, he will respond. Once your partner gives you a go ahead for the French kiss, do not waste another minute to kick start the the kiss with tongue. To French kiss like a pro, you can begin by sliding your tongue into your partner's mouth and positioning it under the tongue of your partner. More pleasant sensations can be derived from this union by moving your tongue slowly over that of your lover.


4. Ensure That You Are Breathing

Making yourself breathless because you want to break the world's record of the longest kiss could seriously backfire. Kissing without breathing at intervals will leave you gasping or coughing uncontrollably into the mouth of your lover. What this implies is that you must ensure that breathe from time to time. So, how do you take a breath whithout sending the wrong signal to your partner that you are no longer interested? You can do this by ensuring that each time that you want to pull away for breath, you do it slowly rather than abruptly. Also, ensure that during the time in which you want to take your breath that you maintain contact with your lover even if it is just with the head. Smiling while maintaining contact with your head can also help to make intention of getting a break clearer and more romantic.


5. Increase the Passion With Your Hands

You don't have to condemn your hands to be like some limp noodles. Get them to work so as to derive all the romantic feelings possible from the kiss. Some experts report that those who do not make use of their hands while kissing are more likely to stop kissing as soon as they had started even if they had wanted to prolong it. Traditionally, all that you could use your hands for while kissing is just to wrap it around your partner in an embrace or to softly caress the shoulders. Nowadays, you are more free to use hands to increase the passion of the kiss whichever way that you may seem fit. Generally, you can place your hands at the hip of your partner and slowly move them up and down their back. Along the line, you can move your hands to the hair of your partner and give it a slight tug. Though no apparent reason had been given, doing that has been noted to generate lots of pleasant sensations.


6. Vary the Styles

Monotony kills interest. You and your lover will quickly lose interest in kissing if you keep on doing the same thing each time. To make more fun and exciting, you should incorporate an air of unpredictability into it. That is what builds the tension and makes the romance intriguing. Some of the things that you could do to alternate your style at intervals during the kiss to make it interesting is beginning the lip dance soft, slowly and gently. Practically, brush your lips softly over that of your partner several times. Quicken the brush as you are about to go in for lip lock. Reduce it a little when you want to rub the edge of your tongue over that of your lover's. Let your tongue go deep and shallow at intervals in the mouth of your partner. Nibble his or her lips any time you desire during the kiss. In all, try to abide by whatever kissing technique that is comfortable to you and your partner. You can as well get creative and form a style that will be unique to only you and your partner. That sounds more romantic!

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