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How to Know if a Guy Likes You

Most times, you start getting mixed signals that your crush might actually have feelings for you. Your curiosity and anxiety increase as a result of the fact that you want to know whether you have escaped his 'friend zone'. Relax and read on so as to discover the signs that whether that guy likes you or not.

Part One
Observe his Speech Patterns and Properties

Step 1
Observe his Voice Tone:
It is a common knowledge that the way we talk depends a lot on who we are with. That is to say that the tone of voice that he uses with you will go a long way to determine whether he likes you or not.
Normally, guys will talk to girls that they have feelings for in a soft and smooth tone.
However, this crush detection method will not work for you in all cases. An example is if your crush is one of the boys that  do talk softly always to all members of the opposite sex. Another example is if you always meet your prince charming in one location (e.g party).
In this case, you have to rely on other techniques below to conclude.

Step 2
Guage his Level of Interest in Your Conversation:
When you talk to him, does he give you his full attention? Is he constantly checking his phone and turning to talk to other people when you are still speaking? His interest in you can easily be measured by his interest in the words of your mouth. He should speak and listen to you like you are the only person in the world.

Step 3
Check How he Talks About Other Girls:
It is highly difficult for some guys to talk to you about other girls. However, when they choose to do that, it will either show that they are interested in someone else or that they want you to become jealous.
To distinguish between these two purposes, you have to pay enough attention to his words and read their meanings.
When his talks about other girls fall into the category of complaints, comparisons that favours you, or constant ramblings about his conquest of other women, then he has an eye for you.
However, if he asks for a romantic advice for a relationship that he is currently in, then it means that he still takes you as a friend.

Step 4
Analyze the Kind of Things that he Talks About:
An old friend with new feelings or a guy who you recently met but likes you will talk about an entirely different subject with you than he does with his friends.
A perfect example is the subject of his childhood days. Most guys will never talk about that. Revealing the joys and challenges of growing up to you is a positive sign that he likes you.

Most guys tend to keep information about their family problems very secret. Asking for your suggestion and advice is a sign that he is falling for you.

See if he attempts to impress you. Does he tell stories that make him appear as a man of strength, fun, or adventure? If so, then he probably wants to catch your eye.

Notice if he always compliments you. He will look for characteristics (appearance, sense of humor, intelligence e.t.c) that you have and praise you lavishly. That is to show that he admires you.

Part Two
Observe his Body Language

Step 1
Notice How The Parts of His Body Move in Respect to You:
Finding out whether a guy is angling for the boyfriend role is very easy when you know how to read his body language. 
The signs that you should look out for are as follows:
1. The direction of his hands and legs points towards you.
2. See if he is trying to make parts of his body to display how manly he is.

Step 2
Notice his Eye Contact: 
A guy who is making love calls will look at you a lot. However, if you accidentally notice him looking at you, he will turn his face away quickly. Even if he had the courage to maintain eye contact, his eyes will unconsciously wander to your mouth.
If he likes you, then whenever he happens to meet you, his pupil will dilate.
You might also notice the way his eye brows lift for about five seconds as he watches you. It is also called the eye brow flash.

Do not be fast to conclude that he is interested in you with his alternating eye contact because almost all guys  who is not comfortable with your eye contacts will do that.
The only way to know this is that he will continue to steal glances at you from time to time. 

Body language experts have shown that his gaze will go from left to your face and then to the right if he is very attracted to you. 

Step 3
Notice His Interest in Body Contacts With You:
Touching is a big tell of his interest in you especially when it becomes random and frequent. Observe how and how often he places his hands on yours or brushes his leg against yours. Analyze how he takes advantage of very small things to hug you. 

Step 4
Check How he Behaves in the Presence of Other Girls:
This can work in both ways with different interpretations. Guys who take you as their friend will chat and flirt in the SAME way that he does to you, will take you to hangout along with his date, will not be hesitant to accept hangout invitations from other girls e.t.c 
However, if he is angling for the boyfriend role, he will find it highly difficult to hang out with other girls. He will feel that it is an act of unfaithfulness. Normally, you will be the only one that he will be with among the bunch of other girls. Even if he flirts with other girls, he will stop immediately you leave. This is as a result of the fact that he is trying to make you jealous.

Step 5
Take Note of How he is Always Trying to be Gentle Around You:
A guy that fancies you will always strive to be gentle around you. If he is someone that he is always cursing, you might notice how he uses more polite words around you. You might as well notice how he makes frequent calls to your house 'because he just happened to come around the corner'. The above situation is an obvious indication that he wants to be with you more often.
Another sign is that he takes off his coat during cold weather and covers you with it even without you asking for it.

Step 6
Observe his Sudden Interest in Things that You Like: 
In order to impress you, he might task himself with getting gists about your favorite TV show and favorite celebrities.
Or he might listening to your favorite bands and artistes.
All these are enable to get more opportunity to chat with you with lots of topics that are interesting to you.

Step 7
Check for Signs of Nervousness:
You will notice him acting nervously from the moment you see him if he is trying to get closer to you. For example, once he sees you coming from a distance, he will start tying his shoe laces and fixing his collar. Other nervous actions that you might notice when he is around you include sweaty face, increasing body temperature when you accidentally touch him, sweaty palms, nervous laughs, deep breaths and constant fidgeting.
These are his ways of making moves on you, so take the cue!

Step 8
Study the Reactions of his Friends Towards You: 
His friends will hardly contain themselves when you are around, they will begin to tease and smirk at him in a way that will hint to you that he likes you. Some of his friends will even go out on their own to ask your friends whether they think that you love him back.

Step 9
Check to See if he Mirrors Your Action:
When you like someone, you will find that you will begin to copy the person's body posture subconsciously.
For instance, you might discover that he is crossing his legs just like you are doing!

Step 10
See if he Chats You Often on Social Media:
There are many things competing for a boy's time and attention like computer games, sports, movies e.t.c. However, if he chooses to chat with you instead on social media, it means that he is attracted to you.  

Step 11
Do Not Stalk or Snoop on him:
Do not become obsessed with finding out whether he is interested in you that you begin to stalk him. Another big mistake is to start checking out his Facebook messages or other social media chats whenever you have access to his mobile phone or computer. These acts are quick turn off for guys and it will make him to hate you.

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