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How to Take a Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

Taking a screenshot of your current windows display becomes very important especially when you want to show someone an issue that you are facing on your computer, to save an entity that is constantly changing or you save an entry on your screen that you save by any other way except by taking a screenshot of the screen. Follow the detailed instructions to quickly learn how to screenshot on Microsoft windoKey

Taking A Screenshot With the Print Screen Key

Step 1
Locate the Print Screen Key on Your Keyboard:
Depending on the manufacturer of your desktop keyboard, the print screen key might be labelled "PrtScn", "PrntScrn", or sometimes simply "Print Scr".
The print screen key is normally found along the upper row of most keyboards between the Function key (normally written "Fn") and the Scroll Lock key (normally written "scr lk"). It is typically found at the right edge of keyboards.

Step 2
Choose the Screen or Screens that You Want to Screenshot:
To take a screenshot means to capture everything on your desktop display or screen. Hence, you have to bring the appropriate desktop operation that you want to screenshot to fill the whole screen by clicking on the maximize icon.
However, if there are more than one operations on your computer that you want to screenshot at the same time, then you have use the minimize icon to set them well so that they will be contained in one screen.

Step 3
Set Your Desktop Resolution to the Amount that You Will Want the Screenshot to be:
If you want the resolution of the final image that will be gotten from the screenshot to be different than what the laptop currently has, then you have to reset it.
This is as result of the fact that when you take a screenshot, the final product will have exactly the same resolution as well as same dimensions with that of the desktop screen.
However, if you are not going to be pasting it directly to programs that you intend to use it in, you can modify the dimensions and the resolution later using programs like paint, Corel draw, Adobe Photoshop etc.

Step 4
Press the Print Screen Key on Your Keyboard
Most computer models will automatically take a screenshot once you press the print screen key. Others may require a combination of other keys like;
i. Fn  + Prt scrn
ii. Alt + Prt Scrn
Pressing either of the above keys will automatically make the system to take a screenshot.
You must note unlike taking a screenshot on android, it does not show any notification or sign of having carried out the operation like. That is to say that you will not hear any sound or light to signify that the screen has been captured.
Moreover, you will not see it after taking it, you need to paste it into an editing program like adobe Photoshop or paint before you can see and edit it.
However, if you do not want to edit it or paste it into any program, you can use the method below to take the screenshot.
Locate the windows icon at the lower edge of your computer near the space bar. Press it together with the print screen key.
Doing this will make the computer to automatically create a folder titled screenshots and save the picture inside it. You can find the folder by visiting your
Picture's folder. The picture will be in PNG format.

Step 5
Paste the Screenshot
After taking the screenshot, you have to paste into a program in order to see it and edit it. Normally, the program called Paint is used for that. After editing with this program, you can save it as an image file that could be used for other purposes.
-- Find the Paint file in your computer. If it is not already on your home screen, then you have to press the start button near the space bar on your keyboard.
Then type "paint" into the search bar.
-- Open the program.
-- Click on the menu and click on new. A new canvas will automatically come up.
-- Press Ctrl + V to paste the screenshot into the program.
-- If you want to add arrows, draw shapes, change the dimension, change the resolution etc., now is the time to do it.
-- After that, click on the menu icon of the program and select save from the options. A new screen will come up where you will enter the name that you will want the image to bear.
-- Choose the image format that you want. It is advisable to save the image to be in PNG format. This is because PNG images are normally small in size and much clearer and defined.
-- Then click 'save' when you are done.

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