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How to Know If a Girl Likes You

What do you think those glances, smiles and looks from the girl you fancy might mean? All these smiles and glances are conscious because she is trying to expose herself to you. These kinds of displays are regularly shown to let you know she likes you. Not sure that she likes you? Follow  these steps to know if the girl you have your heart set on likes you.
Step 1.
Start a Conversation With Her:
A good number of girls likes to see the guy they like listen to them. Therefore,be attentive to her because this moment will help you get information useful to you for future references about her. Give her some time, examine her to know if she gives special signs,hints or uses key words,is it often?.All girls are not alike, she may be shy, or outgoing depending on her style.
She might smile often due to your boring, stupid jokes. Tell some good jokes to know her reactions.
She may not want you to look straight to her eyes and she cover her face.
Check her posture, did she cross her leg or bend her head? Then looks at different direction.
Check the smiles she gives you, to know if that is how she smiles at other guys.This is because a girl that likes you is always interested and ready to give special signs to you so that she attracts you to the next level.
Step 2.
Most of the girls flirt. Therefore, while communicating with the girl you fancy. Listen to her keywords,to know if you can hear words like:"fuck you " or " let's go there".Check out to know if she coquets with guys. The extroverts or gregarious girls are coquettes. You might be thinking she likes you but unfortunately, she takes you for granted.
Take note of these.
Your fancy girl who likes you or even loves you will mostly appreciate sharing conversations with you.
If she was proposed or even toasted by guys she might like to communicate, let you know.
You can even test her for that, by sending your guy to toast her. Giving her promise which contradict your own wishes to her.
If she likes you, afterwards she might somehow reveal to you what happened. But don't act as if  you're aware. Inspire her with lovely quotes like:"A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge".
Just act boldly as it means nothing.
But, all girls are not alike. Some girls Coquets but don't know that they're coquette They take every body as friend but sometimes it misconstrues. They will not tell you they like you but their nearness and body languages reveals it.
If there is a girl that you fancy, dont just start to flirt. Never allow the girl hug you before her or affectionately seat and interact or even hold arms to arms because she wouldn't tolerate. She will consider that she means nothing to you and will dismiss coming for you.
Step 3.
Watch Out For Unnecessary Contacts.
She might like to come close to you most time? Just to bumps at you randomly and slightly hit you above the head or soft punch you? All these are done just to touch you and let you know she likes you. And If she finds ways to excuse herself when she touch you, then you're on the apt track. She will try to bump into you,but when she bumps at you,just act casual and say"no worries".
Some girls don't feel comfortable to touch,so don't say she doesn't  like you if she did not touch you, but you can break the barrier.
She will like to randomly hug you Unexpected. Just to make you feel for her. If you're ready, you can go on with that,but it is advisable to ignore her,in order to know her plans. However, act as if you forget something in your car outside.
She might ask you to give her your handset or to help her remove something from her mobile phone. It's just to keep you in thought for her to touch you and arose your mind.
Some girls will demand for your pix. But all girls are not the same. Give her your pix with a good pose because she will like to expose it to her friends.
Step 4
Examine How She Looks at You:
Whenever you appears, she looks at you affectionately. She might look at you in a different manner. Do check her to know how she looks at you. If she likes you, she will intend to gaze on you for some minutes. Conversely, she might take off her face immediately your eyes contact her eyes.
All these are significants to show that she likes you. Staring at you for some minutes implies that she likes you but don't know how to open up her intention to you. But if you believe you see signs of responsiveness or love in her eye you can first make a move to the end of the trying.
When she glance on you, it means that she likes you but don't want to tell you anything perhaps she think you're flirting around other girls.
Notice these from her looks:
When you glance at her,she will cover her face. And sometimes you can found out she is staring at you. These means that she likes you although she will not allow your eyes to contact her eyes.
Of course, some girls might just be staring or winding you up, so don't think she loves you and wants to get in touch with the real, inner you. Use the context to discern the motive.
If you happen to glance at the girl and you see her staring back at you, then this means that she likes you, although she may quickly dart her head at different direction.
Yes she stare and glance on you in a different manner.But not all that glitters is gold. Some girls can stare at you for long time just to wind you up get their needs and leave you.
Take time to digest the sign and feelings you gets from the girl you fancy. These contexts will also help you to descry.
Check For Random, Constant and Unnecessary Hugs:
Hugs can be a clearway and praiseworthy ardent way of getting closer to you and often touch you without it necessarily vulnerable her concealed pert. Conversely, you can go along with it if you need, or just behave as if you're late for an appointment and need to rush off before you attract punishment of the office.
Observe the Reactions of Her Friends Towards You:
If You happened to meet most of her friends glancing back at you and smiling or giggling. It probably means that she has told her friends about you.This can occur at all age, but mature girls and women friends probable behave in a slightly more cautious way, using glances and knowing smiles or nods instead of giggles. In some cases, her friend can be bold enough to meet you and tell you that (she call her friend name) likes you.
When she is having a conversation with her friends, and you come over, she might stop talking all of a sudden. This likely means that you were the subject of the recently ended conversation.
If she likes you and she told her friends about you, they might come up to you and start a random conversation about things such as:
Who would you prefer to date, me or she call her friend name (i.e your fancy girl).
who do you like better and who is the hottest among us.
would you marry (she call her friend name) or me, etc.
If they named a list of about three people and your fancy girl name is in the list, it probably mean she have told her friends about you and they're making efforts to search for information to know how you feel about her.
A teenager, if her friends are gaudy and childish, you'll mostly hear "your name and your fancy girl  name". They will be "Saying, she likes you!"
Just be aware that her friends might be making it up in order just to tease her. Listen for things just like: "Stop teasing me!" or "Be quiet! He might hear it! "
Take Note of How She Tries to Be Around You Always:

If you're outside and the girl you fancy or like is nearby and starts saying loudly "I'm cold!".This is a subtle clues that she wants you to offer her your jacket or sweater. However, it's a very sweet gesture for you to out reach her need, especially if you want to show the girl that you like her. And sometimes she might pretend to be really bad at doing something, and say "I can't do it". That is your chance to offer some assistance.
Note that she mostly do all these on purpose to see your reactions. She hope that you can help out to show her you fancy her.
When offering assistance, if there are other guys around and she actually likes one of those guys, she might be disappointed when you first offer your coat to her or offer your assistance. In this case, at least you'll know how she feels,then you can move on to the next level. You might even be magnanimous  to tell the guy if actually you know him, that she fancies him just to legitimacy your action.
Watch for Subtle Signs in Her Body Language:
Take a good look at face.. If her eyes are dilating, then she may really like you.
When both of you are in a room,if she sits diagonally from you or aslant from you at the room,then she's interested. Does her trunk face you in an open manner, or her shoulders and hips face you?  Either of these signs may mean she likes you. When she is sitting and she has her legs crossed, watch her feet. Does it point towards you? If yes, it might mean that she likes you and wants to get closer to you.
Look at her lips. If she touches them oftenly or bites them constantly. It means that she's very interested in you. Does her lip shake when you look at her? If yes,you can almost be sure she likes you.

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