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How to Make Fishing Net

Fishing is a professional activity that demands a specialized form Of knowledge to do because without you acquiring the necessary skills required for fishing it will be a tough deal for you to make a fishing net.Why this page is important to people who are ready for fishing is because it will give you different methods of making fishing net and diverse approaches to get it ready for catching fishes .
Step 1.
Net is one of the recommended equipment or material to be use in fishing because its application doesn't contaminate water body.
The first approach to make fishing net is selection of the thread size because the size of the thread determines the strength of the net.
However, if the net is feeble it makes way for fishes to escape off.
Also,the thread size gives imaginative size of fishes the net can catches when set for fishing.
Step 2.
It requires a special knowledge of weavers to do so that there will be no mistake.
Whenever the weavers knowledge wasn't employed there will be sifting of the net measured mesh size .
    .Pick two threads of about 100cm length. Tightly hang it horizontally above the surface level .make choice of the size you want the net meshes to possess. Then pick another two threads of the same length like the previously used,tight it vertically and start to weave them with the early measured mesh size of the net.

Above method is used to make fishing net of a special purposes like to use to kill wale, shark and other big aquatic animals and fishes.

Step 1 .
It is obvious that machines has reduced some burden in doing work. So,already produced net by machines are available in the market
Using this method implies you will procure from the market already manufactured net depending on the size of the net you demand and the quality you want. Be very careful because in every things there must have imitation of it so make a good selection of quality not quantity regardless of the market prices because quality is always expensive than fake.As a fisher the most beneficial and profitable thing you should do is procure the net and go do the remains to get the net ready for use because if you allow the marketers to do it for you there will be some short comings in the capability of the net to excel in catching fishes but when you do it yourself you will limit it. This short comings will start from the way the net will be cut. Probably there is two way of cutting which can either horizontal or vertical.Cutting horizontal involves you sewing the official head ends of the net provided by the machine that processed it .This kind cutting is the most beneficial and profitable way adopted to enable fishers to use net of a peculiar mesh size to kill fish of another size. It also makes the net lengthy to reach to deep level of the river to fishing in .
On another note, vertical cutting is the cutting system used by the marketers to selling some length of net to customers depending on the length the customer demand for but there's no way you compare the length and the breadth of horizontally cut net and vertically cut net. How to do the cutting is,:calculate how many yards you want to get from one bundle wrap of net. Then follow a regular order to measure and ensure accurate reading with the tape to make sure all yards are equal.
 Step 2.
Sewing the net with a twine comes before another action on it. To sew fishing net involves passing twine consecutively through the meshes size of the net following a particular order .Now,sewing it is done horizontal just to ensure straightening of the net and proper displacement when set to catch fishes because it has been cut into separate yards .
Before sewing the net give remarks at the end of each sides of the net just to enable you take note of the direction you're sewing to. Start sewing by sequentially passing thread through the net meshes of horizontal arrangement. Follow the meshes properly to avoid compartment which will bring about haphazard queuing of the net meshes.

Step 3.
Now that the net is packed at one side of the twine.It can only be apt for trapping fishes after it has been spread.
To spread the net just take a twine of about 100cm long. Pass it through the meshes of the net and tighten each end with the net. Then straight it to get the length of the twine. Now start to spread the net. Don't allow it to accumulates at one side of the twine because it will make the net not to be in uniform. Spread properly to enhance efficient capturing of fishes.

Step 4.
Net can only be a trap of fishes after it has under gone the above processes in this steps. To display the net in water can only follow this outset for proper enmesh. Make a path way that can accommodate the net. Get a stick that can't plunge in water. Attach the end of the twine of the net to it .Start displaying the net until you get to the end of the net attach the remained edge of the net to another stick. Ensure that it is tight and the net is straightforward. Then get some materials that can displace some volume of water or sinks properly, it can be stones,heavy irons or any other weighty object. Cut this heavy loads into fine shapes and begin to add them at the floor level of the net some distance from each other. This is done to ensure proper displacement of the net to reach the dept of the river in which you're fishing.


You can now relax and wait for the next day to check your net. When unwrapping the fishes it caught take it easy to avoid tearing the mesh of the net because if it happens that will be the beginning of the net to damage so,unwrap carefully.Also put the fish in a pan if used or canoe if used to make sure the fish can't escape from your hand.Mistakenly it fall you can't get it back unless it jam the net again and net hold it that you can see it again.

Enjoy yourself with the fishes your net killed for you and get your body nourished.

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