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How to Start a Blog

Blogging has become a popular trend in the internet. Millions of people around the world start blog on daily basis for varying purposes which may or may not be financially oriented. It can be relatively easy or expensive to start depending on your budget as well as your aims of starting of starting the blog. This article will show you what you need to get started.

Step 1
Identify the Main Theme of Your Blog:
The theme of your blog is general summary of the information contained in your blog. To determine this, you have to ask yourself what you care about and what you will love to share with others.
This is important so as to enable you to avoid updating your blog due to loss of interests.
Major themes which you might like include but are not limited to politics, games, music and movies, vehicles etc

Step 2
Narrow Down The Purpose of Your Blog:
Make your blog more definitive and specific. For example, if you have a political blog, you can decide that it will focus only on political history or for studying political terms and theories. It is also niche blogging. Niche blogging targets a specific audience and addresses a specific problem. It is much easier to gain authority in the subject that you are dealing with because you are specific. Other niche blogging ideas include teaching, inspiring, news coverage etc.

Step 3
Learn From Other Blogs Related to Yours:
Search for blogs that are similar in niche as your blog and criticise them constructively. Identify the things that they are doing well and improve on them. Having something that will differentiate you from other blogs will make your blog unique and more important appealing to your audience.

Step 4
Create a Perfect Name For Your Blog:
Names won't affect your blogging success much except if you do it very badly. For instance, a blog name that is very long and cannot be pronounced easily will make it hard for your visitors to remember the name of your blog for future reference.
* Just pick a simple name that is not more than 10 letters. ( Hey, this is not a rule). It has been proved through the success of some popular websites that shorter names work.

* Work towards making your blog a brand. Hence the name of your blog should be able to portray that. Try to add some keywords associated with the purpose of your blog to the name of your blog.  For instance, if your blog is for discussing literary works, you might decide to call it BookHub, ReadersPage etc.

Step 6
Choose The Platform For Your Blog:
Blogger, wordpress, wix, weebly etc are just few of the platforms where you can create and host your blog. They are also called content management systems. They make the creation of blogs and websites easier for beginners.

* Blogger is a very easy blog creation platform. It has a well laid out instructions that will enable you to manage your website or blog after you might have created it. Blogger offers Proceed to to create the blog. You can decide to use the free domain name i.e or buy a custom .com domain  at the price of $10/year.

* WordPress takes more time to set up than blogger. Although you have to pay $99 for hosting and $18 for the domain registration, WordPress gives you a greater control especially if you plan to add advanced programming language to your website or blog.
However, you can stick to the free if you are on budget.

+ Visit or to get started with your blog.

+ You must have an email to create a blog or website. Visit to create an email address now.

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