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How to Obtain a Visa to Brazil

One of the major requirements for visiting Brazil is the Visa. A visa is travel document which anybody going to another country for permanent or temporary stay must have in order to enter the country legally. Hence, it is important to obtain it before planning any other thing for the trip because it is time consuming. Improper application can frustrate you travel plans.

Step 1
Check Whether You Are Required to Have a Visa:
Of course, there are certain countries that do not really need a visa in order to get to Brazil. You can confirm whether those that travel to Brazil from your country really needed a visa by visiting the Brazilian consulate website and check the nationalities that are not required to file for a visa. You can also find out by yourself whether the Brazilians that enter your country are required to file for a visa. if so, then you know that you must have to file for visa as a general rule. The case will be the opposite when Brazilians are allowed into the country without applying for visa.

Step 2
Request For And Fill The Forms Appropriately:
Forms are made available for those that want to apply for visa by the Brazilian consulate office within your area. However, if you live far away from the local Brazilian consulate, then you have to employ the services of travel agencies to provide you with the form.
Try as much as possible to fill the form in the manner slated out by the Brazilian consulate so that your application will not be rejected. Apply for your visa for a long time before the scheduled time for your travel, let's say three or two months ahead of your trip. That way, you will ensure that even if there is a long waiting list, your application will be processed before your time is due.

Step 3
Add Other Necessary Documents:
The proof of your identity is an important procedure in the approval of your visa application. That is to say that the failure to provide those identification documents and other necessary records will warrant automatic rejection of your application from ground zero.
Therefore, documents like your National Identity card, driver's license, health records, income records, tax information, passport photograph etc must be present before your approval.

Step 4
Choose the Type of Visa That Matches Your Purpose of Visit :
Visas are issued based on the purpose of your visit and it is important or you to know which one is which before applying. For instance, someone going to visit a relative will not bear the same visa as another person going to Brazil solely for the purpose of business transaction. Traveling to Brazil for business will require a business visa while someone going for a short stay will apply for a tourist visa. However, if you are planing to live permanently in Brazil, then a permanent visa is the ideal for you.
That having been said, it should be noted that applying for the wrong type of visa will get you frustrated in the long run.

Step 5
Find Out The Fees Which You are Required to Pay:
There are certain fees which you must pay in full and not in parts to the Brazilian consulate office before your visa will be given to you. The fees normally has two categories called basic and processing fees. Most countries pay only the basic or the processing fees while the others pay both. The prices vary by the period of application, length of stay, country of origin etc. You should get the actual fees for your country from the Brazilian consulate website. But, you should know that the price is normally between $200 and $20.

Happy travels!!!

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