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How to Make $100000 as A Freelance Writer

Most freelance writes assume that earning $100000 per year is an impossible task to achieve. 

However, one must carefully note that the limits of possibilities exist only in the imagination. 

It is not as if to say that such achievement has not recorded before, the internet is overflowing with the success stories of those who have earned $260,000 and more. 

With a positive approach to freelance writing combined with hard work, you will see yourself pending down your own success story.

Step 1
Prepare Yourself Properly:

Freelancee writing has many sections like academic writing, screen writing, research essays, copywriting etc.

 In order for you to succeed, you have to familiarize yourself with the necessary rules of writing that particular branch of freelance writing that is required of you. 

Do not just dabble into writing what you do not know about to avoid making a mess of your reputation in the freelance market. 

Always research and present your work in a professional manner so as to build a strong reputation and impress your clients. 

The more you build a good reputation, the more you make more money.

Step 2
Choose Profitable Branches of Freelance Writing:
Although freelance writing is one of the most money yielding aspects of  freelance business, there are some branches of it that will not bring you much money as a freelancer.

 Research the job boards of the freelance website that you have signed up on to find out the average pay of each writing section and also check how frequently projects like that are posted. 

If you notice that the pay per project and the project posting frequency is low, then it is better not to apply or bid on the project. 

However, if your research shows positive results, then you might consider checking the competition of freelancers who are bidding on the project. 

If the number is too much and also your competitor's ratings and reviews are greater than yours, then you should avoid bidding on the project.

Step 3
Create a Professional Profile and Portfolio:
Everybody wants the best and goes for the best. So, if you want a bunch of high paying writing projects to come your way, you have to show that you are worth your onions.

The best way to do this is through your profile. 
If you create a professional profile, people will think that you are a pro at what you do and they will hand their projects over to you with confidence.

A professional profile has some distinct attributes like quality reviews from different satisfied customers, ratings as well as a portfolio filled with professionally written articles.

Step 4
Dedicate a Good Deal of Your Time:
Being available constantly will enable you to get a lot of jobs. Do not just be logging in and out to find out whether if that $1000 dollar project has been posted. 

You have to be online to bid on the latest writing project that was posted. Opportunity comes but once and it favours only the prepared mind.

 I am not telling you to quit your job, but by not allowing time for any unnecessary thing, you will realise that you have lots of time to bid on projects on freelance websites.

Step 5
Develop High Quality Writings:
$100,000 can be quite easy to make if you have a continuous stream of jobs with a good pay. 

To achieve the above, you have to impress your clients with quality works that perfectly fit their desires.

 Doing that will make clients to reward you by referring their friends to you, increasing your pay, offering you more projects etc.

All of these things translates to more money for you. Your motto as a freelance writer, should be quality or nothing.

Step 6
Network With Other Freelance Writers More Popular Than You:
The freelance writing market is huge and it pays better just like in any other field to associate with those who are already game changers and torch bearers in the market. 

Research and follow people who have become pros and try to incorporate their methods. Attaining a friendly relationship with the person is advisable if possible. 

Doing that will enable you to seek for their advice and coaching in certain areas that will help to make you successful. Share some of your works with them and let them criticise it. 

Through this way, they will come to discover your talent and will expose you to big companies and brands that will pay you more money to write.

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