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How to Do Black Magic

Black magic helps humans to use the demons and other forces of darkness to achieve their wishes and desires.
It is necessary to note that you deal with demons when you are performing the black magic. Hence, it is advisable to attempt it only when you know what you are doing. Follow the instructions on this page to learn how to cast a black magic spell.

Prepare Yourself Mentally:
Magic works according to your mental attitude - your belief. You need to visualize the image of the effect you want to bring about in your mind.
Make sure that you are not stressed when you want to cast a magic spell. Anxiety can cause you not to be focused on the task at hand. It does not matter that you have the best spell on your hands, once you are not concentrated and relaxed, you will hardly achieve your goal of casting the spell.

Step 2
Seek The Advice of a Professional Magician:
Black magic is not a child's play. Therefore, try as much as possible to know everything about what you are going to do and how you are going to do it. Visit someone who is known to be a master in the art of casting magic in your neighbourhood and tell the person your plans as well as other things that the person needs to know in order to help you out with your spell.
You can also contact some members of witch covens which you discovered in the internet. Sending an email to the person will enable him or her figure how to advise you on the matter.
In all, do not try out any spell on your own without the professional guide of an experienced magician especially if you are still a novice.

Step 3
Choose and Prepare a Site For Casting The Spell:
The environment in which you decide to cast your spell in matters a lot.
Different magic spells require different environment. For instance, it is good to cast a love spell inside your room but you cannot cast a magic spell intended to make rain fall inside your room.
Another feature that must be present in any area chosen for magic is its quietness and conducive nature. You cannot cast a spell in a noisy environment unless you have become a pro. Choose a strategic location that will increase the chances of your magic spell working. Spirits find it harder to visit populated places than desolate locations.
After choosing the site for casting your magic, you have to prepare it properly.

Step 4
Draw a Circle With Pentagram Inside:
This is the symbol of power for black magic. It is normally drawn with a branch of hazel wood. However, one can use any stick to draw the circle and the pentagram if hazel wood is not available.
The lines drawn must be continuous and unbroken at any point. Foreign objects that should not be in the circle must be removed. Light the candles and place it at the circumference of the circle if the spell that you want to cast requires it.

Step 5
Research to Find a Working Spell:
Spells are the heart of magic. And it can be said that seventy percent of the reasons that a magic failed to work can be traced to the nature of the spell. Good spells are hard to come by in this modern time but with a little diligence in searching one can easily find it. Find genuine websites that offer magic spells or look for ancient libraries that might house ancient magic books so as to get genuine spells.
  Do not be convinced by anyone that you can write your own spell even as a novice. Writing magic spells require in depth knowledge of the workings of the spiritual realm as well as the demons that you are going to be commanding. That having been said, it goes now that it takes a very very talented and experienced magician to formulate a spell.

Step 6
Gather All The Materials Required for the Spell:
Most spells require that you possess some herbs or other weird objects like human hair, toes etc before you can cast the magic spell. All you have to do is to make sure that the list of the requirements are complete before you can attempt casting the spell . Incomplete materials for the casting of the spell can lead to the magic not working perfectly.

Step 7
Ensure that You Understand The Rules of the Spell:
Most magic spells have stipulations which must be followed to cast the spell. Some spells stipulate a particular time of the day that it would be cast (mostly midnight), geographical nature of the place to cast it (mountains, valleys, rivers etc.), the method of casting (aloud, meditation), the type of clothes to wear (white or black), and some spells might prohibit you from eating some foods before casting the spell. Make sure that you abide by the rules required for the spell which you are about to cast.

Step 8
Step into the Pentagram Drawn Within the Circle and Speak the Words of Power Contained Within the Magic Spell:
Enter the magic circle with courage and conviction of what you are about to do. You have to maintain your confidence through out the whole ritual because you are going to need it to complete the spell successfully. Utter the words of power associated with the effect that you want to cause. Do not cast the spell if you are not familiar with the language in which the spell was written. You can get assistance online in translating it into a language that you are comfortable with. This is to help you to read meaning into the spell and be able to focus on it well.
Some spells are repeated for a number of times as the instructions on the spell might indicate.

Step 9
Expect the Outcome of the Magic Spell:
Avoid randomly casting spells at will just for the fun of experimenting on it. It could land you into serious spiritual trouble that you might not be able to drag yourself out of. Always bear in mind of the different possible outcomes of the magic spell besides the intended outcome or result. What if something goes wrong? How are you going to address the situation? How are you going to treat the demon that you summon? How are you going to send it back when it has done its bidding or when it starts misbehaving?. You should try as much as possible to evaluate the situation properly before diving into it. In casting magic spells, the end is as important as the beginning if not more important.

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