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How to Calculate GPA

Grade Point Average ( GPA) is the summary of all your academic performance in different subjects for a semester.
 That is to say that it is the total of all your letter grades for the semester. 

Though GPA method of calculation can vary from country to country and from institution to institution, it has been noted that there are some basic calculation methods that will enable you to get an idea of what your GPA will look like regardless of the method used by your institution.

Method 1
Calculating GPA With Weighted Credit Hours:

Step 1
Find Out The Number of Credit Hours Assigned to Your Course:
Credit Hours can be simply said to be the time load associated with a particular course.

 Credit Hours for a particular course can include things like the time spent in the classroom, time spent studying outside and doing assignments as well as the method of teaching. 

Most institutions assign 3 to 4 credit hours per course. Again, these can vary depending on the subject and the institution. 

To find out the credit hours associated with your course, check the school transcripts and catalogues or ask your school registrar.

Step 2
Assign the Appropriate Scale Value For Each Weighted Average:
Most schools assign the following values for each letter grade A = 4 points, B = 3 points, C = 2 points, D = 1 points, E = 0 points.

When a plus sign (+) is placed in front of any of your grades, it implies that you have to add 0.3 to the value of your grade. ( e.g C+ = 2.3 ).
On the other hand, if a minus sign ( - ) appears at in any of your grades, it implies that you have to subtract 0.3 from the scale value of your grade. ( e.g A- = 3.7 ).

Step 3
Multiply the Scale Value Grade With the Number of Credit Hours:
To find the final grade points which you will use in calculation of your GPA, it is important for you to multiply the scale value of each letter grade by the number of credit hours for the course.
For instance, a student who made an A in a 3 credit hour class will get 12 as the total grade points for that class.
The calculation will look as follows:
A = 4 ( scale value of letter grades)
3 = credit hour for the class.
Total grade point = scale value of each letter grade × the number of credit hours for the course.
Total grade points = 4 × 3
                                = 12

Step 4
Add the Total Grade Points and the Credit Hours :
Write down separately the sum of all the results gotten from the multiplication carried out in the last step. 
Also add all the credit hours and write it down.

Step 5
Divide the Total Grade Points by the Total Credit Hours:
This is the final step in determining your college GPA. 
The credit hour weighted GPA is gotten by dividing total grade points with the total credit hour.

Method 2
Calculating GPA Based on Percentage:

Some schools prefer to use percentage to calculate GPA.

 In order to get your GPA using the percentage based method, you will add all your scores for each of the courses that you offer and divide it by the number of courses that you offer.
For instance, Aaron scored 84% in English, 76% in Mathematics, 80% in Pharmaceutical sciences. His GPA will be 84% + 76% + 80% ÷ 3 = 80%.

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