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How to Add a Movie to IMDb

Internet Movie Database ( IMDb ) is the largest online documentary of movies in the whole world and having information about your movies contained within their database can give you a great exposure.
It has been noted that IMDb does not accept just any movie that comes knocking on the door but following the instructions and steps listed here on
TokoHow will increase your chances of adding your movie to IMDb.

Step 1
Create an Account on IMDb:
It is necessary for you to sign up at IMDb to have access to their services. To do this, all you need is an email address and some other personal information that are necessary.
You will be required to form a password that will enable you to gain access to your account. While forming the password, try to create one that you can easily remember to avoid being blocked out of your account.

Step 2
Check to See Whether Your Movie Title is  Already Listed:
Log into your IMDb account and search the website to know whether an entry has been made in the same name as your movie. This is important to avoid double registration of the same movie which the managers of the website do not like.
Any movie detected to be a second listing will be automatically rejected.
To avoid this, you should make use of the
IMDb's alternative title search engine to verify that the title that you want to enter have not been entered in a slightly different title.
For proper and more deep search, you should also check your title in other languages.
Make use of some specific information about the movie like the name of the movie director or the name of an actor or an actress in the movie. That way, you will be sure that the particular movie title has not been previously entered into the database.

Step 3
Understand the Movie Title Acceptance Policy of IMDb:
Before adding your title to the database, you should note that the website do not accept just any movie.
Examples of such movies that can be rejected are home videos, workshop films, Class videos, movies made for local access cables, movies made by local video producers etc.
Your chances of being verified quickly will be high if your movie title involves a popular actor or director, movies by international cable networks, movies accepted at popular film festival, movies sold in popular online retailers like Amazon etc.

Step 4
Submit the Original Title in the Language as Displayed on the Initial Part of the Movie:
Ensure that the title which you entered into the title bar matches exactly the title of the movie as displayed in the movie's opening credits. Capitalize your title so as to follow the movie industry standards and the rules of IMDb. However, try to respect the mode of capitalization used by the language which your movie title is written with.

Step 5
Provide as Much Information as Required:
Do not be in a lot of hurry as to override the forms which you are required to fill otherwise your submission will be rejected. The provision of all the necessary information as regards your movie will enable the managers of IMDb to quickly process your request. The forms are normally in parts, hence you need to be clicking on the continue button to answer all the questions required on the form.

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