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How to Screenshot in Microsoft Windows

Sometimes, it is important to take a shot of your screen for purposes which may vary from showing someone an issue that you are facing with your system or as a teaching aid.

 The following simple steps will help you to take a screenshot of any part of the computer's display that you want.

Section One
Taking a Screenshot of one Window
Step One:
Make the Window that you Want to Capture to be in front.

Identify the window that you want to capture by clicking on it. This is important as one window screenshot produces a captured image of the active window screen.

Step Two:
Press Down Alt and Prt Scr Keys:

This will make the image of the active window on your screen to be copied to the clip board with dimensions and resolutions same as that of your window. 
This operation on its completion does not give any confirmation.

Step Three:
Paste the Screenshot into a Program:

You will not be able to see the screenshot unless you paste it into a program. If you want to save it as an image then it is better to paste into a paint program.

Step Four:
Open Paint Program From the Accessories of in Your Window's Start Menu:

In window's 8, type "paint" while on the start screen and select it from the search results. Open a new canvas then hold down Ctrl + V to paste it into the already open canvas. You might as well use the edit menu and select paste.

Step Five:

In Order to Set the Name and File Type of the Image as JPG or PNG, you have to click on the file then save. It is better to save your screenshot image in PNG format because of its high quality and small size.

Section Two
Making Use of the Snipping Tool

Step 1
Open the Sniping Tool:

Apart from the windows XP, the snipping tool could be found in all versions of windows. 

You can simply find it by typing "snipping tool" while on the start screen and select it from the search results.

Step 2
Select Your Desired Shape of Snip:

Click on the arrow button next to the new button to change the shape of the snip as you want.

# free form snip: Let's you to draw any shape with a mouse and finally snipe the area inside the shape that you have drawn.

# Rectangular snip: This allows you to choose a rectangular area which will be snipped.

# Window snip: It allows you to choose the window that you want to snip.

# Full Screen Snip: Lets you to snip all the windows in the whole screen except the snipping tool window itself.

Step 3
Change the Snip Border:

Once you make a snip, it is going to have have a red border by default. 

But you can disable this if you do not like it by clicking the options button. 

Uncheck the box next to " show selection ink after snips are captured". 

Doing this will make the border to be removed from the snips which you will make in the future.

Step 4
Click on the New Button:

Once you click on the new button, the screen will fade, and you can draw your snip area or just the window if you selected a window snip.

 Release the mouse after selecting to create the snip.

Step 5
Make Notes or Draw on the Snip:

The snip will open in a new window after it has been created. You can create annotations like text and drawings on the snip.

Step 6
Save the Snip:
Click on the save icon on top of the screen to open the save dialog. Input a name for the screenshot and choose the file format. PNG is mostly recommended.

Please add more steps or ask your questions using the comment box. Do not forget to share and spread the love.

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