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How to Make Your Mobile Phone Number Appear as Private Number ( 3 methods with pictures )

Blocking of caller ID can be for varying purposes ranging from making the organizations, individuals or businesses that you want to contact not to have your number after you must have finished calling them or to carry out a secret investigation on people. Peruse through the article to find ways that you can hide your identification as a caller.

Method 1
The Use of Caller ID Blocking Prefix:
By entering a specified code just before a number before dialling will make the recipient to see your caller ID as blocked. This is not permanent, so you need to enter each time you want your caller ID to be blocked to the receiver of the phone call. In most countries, the codes that you are required to enter vary. Below is the list if countries and their caller ID blocking code.

i. United States of America ------ 67
ii. Albania, Australia, Greece, Denmark, Israel, Italy, Netherlands ------- #31#
iii. Argentina, Iceland, Switzerland, South Africa ------ *31*
iv. Germany ----- *31#
v. Hong Kong ----- 133
vi. Japan ------- 184
vii. UK and Ireland --------- 141
viii. New Zealand -------- 0197
ix. India --------- *31#
x. If your country is not listed, then your call blocking code might be *67 or #31#

Method 2
Use of Device Settings To Hide Caller ID:
Most phones allow their users to decide whether their caller identification details can be visible to the recipient of the phone call.

i. On Android 4.0 and earlier versions, you should tap on the settings app, tap on call settings, tap on caller ID, and then tap hide number.

ii. On Android 4.1 and later versions, you should tap on phone app, tap on the menu button, tap on call settings, tap on caller ID, then tap hide number.

iii. On iPhone, tap the settings app, tap phone, tap show my caller ID, toggle the button to OFF.

iv. BlackBerry - Press the Menu key, click Options, click General Options, find the Restrict My Identity field, set it to Always.

Method 3
Contacting the Network Provider:
When what you want is blocking all of your outgoing calls, then you should contact your network provider. This service comes with a fee or charge which you must pay to your network provider.
However, if you want to unblock your caller ID when calling somebody, you can enter this code *31#.

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