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How to Lift Someone Over Your Head With One Hand ( with pictures )

Apart from being used as a funny activity, knowing how to lift someone over your head with one hand can be quite important especially during emergency rescue missions like a fireman's rescue.
You will not find it hard to carry out when you must have finished reading this step by step guide.

Step 1
Get a Strong Leather Belt:
It is highly important for you to provide a leather belt that is very strong for this exercise. This is to avoid the risk of the belt breaking may be at the critical stage of lifting someone up. If the person happens to fall at this stage, then he/she might sustain serious injuries.

Step 2
Firmly Tie The Belt Around the Person You are Trying to Carry:
You should ask the person that you are about to perform the trick with to raise his arms so that you can tightly tie the belt underneath his arms or in his chest region. You should make sure that the tie is not so tight as to restrict the breathing of the person especially if the person is unconscious. Make the belt buckle to be in the center of the chest of the person.

Step 3
Position the Person That You Are About to Carry:
Ask the person that you want to lift up to climb a stool or you can carry the person up to a raised platform by yourself if he/she is unconscious.

Step 4
Get Yourself in the Position to Carry The Person:
Turn your back so that your back is to the buckle and the two of you are facing the same direction. Extend your hands backwards and then grab the belt buckle.
Gradually raise your arms while bending your legs.

Step 5
Hold The Weight Above Your Head:
Do not worry about the pressure that it might bring to your arms because most of the actual weight of the person that you are carrying will be borne by your back and legs.

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