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How to Kiss Like a Pro in 15 Tongue Tying Steps (With Pictures)

A kiss is a very important part of a romantic love affair. On the flipside, it s also employed when starting love making. Exposed in this article is how to deliver a kiss like a pro. A killer kiss.


Beginning a Kiss

Step One:

Get Yourself Prepped For the Lip Meggout:

How to kiss a boy for the first time

If you ever get the inkling that your lips are going to be erotically engaged for the evening, then you better get yourself in the mood physically ASAP.

One advice that might seem to be the one size fits all is to

look good and smell good.

Of course, you already know that no man in his sane mind will ever go in for the smooch when your mouth is smelling like a toilet pit at the back alleys of PigTown.

So, why not not do a thorough job with cleansing your oral landscape?

The same thing goes for your body.

Truly, I tell you, nothing is better than the feeling of a fresh and moisturized skin.

Scrape the kiss, washing yourself properly will make you comfortable, relaxed, plus, you will fall in love with yourself - and nothing is better than that.

One thing that is normally forgotten by people is that the lips need attention too. When I talk about giving attention to the lips, I mean proper lip washing.

Just so you know, the lips is almost the center of the action (kissing), therefore any attempt to omit it during the preparation process will not make your kiss sexy - but scary!

So, here's what you should do;
how to kiss like a goddess
Get your mouth and lips ready for kissing picture

Remove those dead skin on your lips. No, you shouldn't get this this done by biting it off.

 Your teeth will do a very poor job of the whole thing that at the end, your lips will look worse than a war zone with the unremoved dead skin sticking out like a sore thumb.

The best way to do that is to use a brush. Rough brushing must be avoided at all cost.

You really don't want your lips to look injured and expect someone to kiss you. Just a little bit of gentle scrubbing is all that the dirts need to come out.

Some beauty experts advise that it is better to use exfoliating agents like sugar.

You can try that out also.

However, you should know that you should know that you need to give the exfoliating agent time to settle and do its work. When I say that, I mean an amount of time that is way longer than what you put in for lip brushing.

If you do a very good job of it, you will feel every last thing there is to be felt during the lip lock.

Another thing which you should take a very special note of is how you apply lip sticks or lip gloss.

You might want to wave that to the corner as less important, but part of knowing how to kiss like a pro is getting everything right from the get go.

This includes what gets smeared on those plumpy and smooth lips of yours.

Among experts in the dating circle, this is actually a topic of huge debate. However, my opinion on the issue is that it won't hurt to test the waters.

This will enable you to know whether or not the man who will be kissing you will like it. That means that you don't have to worry about it on the first date.

All you have to do is to observe him closely to find how he reacts to the lip gloss.  If he doesn't think that it is gross, then you are in the clear.

On the other hand, he might not like it all. If you notice that, you shouldn't stop beautifying yourself like all women do.

It just means that you should refrain from kissing until you have watched off the gloss.

Most restaurants do have a bathroom. You can make use of it and reapply just before you go out of that place.

Also, you can keep off the kiss till the two of you get home. There, you can take your bath and watch off the gloss.

Also, you don't want your hair smelling and all over the place during. If you don't take care of it, it can be a very quick turnoff for the man.

french kiss for beginners
A woman preparing for a kiss

 Step Two

Show Subtle Signs For a Kiss:

Notify your partner in a non- verbal manner that you are interested in kissing. You can achieve this romantically by allowing your partner to catch you looking at his his or her lips. It is advisable to keep your lips parted a little bit so that you can occassionally bite your lower lips.

Step Three:

Determine Whether the Other Person is Interested in Kissing by Kissing his/her hand or Cheeks.

Gently kiss on his cheek just to the side of his lips if your partner is a guy. But if your partner is a female, slowly clasp your hands against hers, press your lips into the back of her hands for two or three seconds before breaking away.

Step Four:

Comment Romantically About Your Partner.

Intimately pay your partner the sincerest compliment that comes to your mind. This will make the person to lean in and kiss you. To communicate your deep feelings through this method and lure him or her to come closer, you have to lock eyes with him or her and express your compliment in the lowest, softest and the most pleasant tone possible.

how to kiss like a gentleman
How to kiss like you've never done before.

Step Five:

Romantically State Your Desire for a Kiss. 

It may happen that your partner is not very good at reading body languages or is just pretending not to notice. Either way, you have to speak out and be straightforward as to ask him whether or not he/she would like to be kissed by him or her.

Step Six:
Begin to Kiss.

Immediately your partner assents to your moves for kissing, do not allow another seconds to pass by to go in for the kiss. Draw him closer immediately and let the fun begin.


Ways of Kissing

Step One

Keep Your Lips Soft.

Never allow your lips to be tense when kissing your lover, it is only meant for family members. Keep your lips soft and parted to indicate how open you are for the kiss.

Step Two

Start With Gentle Kisses.

It is only of your partner is open and receptive that you can deeper into kissing by using the teeth and the tongue. But for now, it is advisable to begin with slow and soft kisses.

Smacking can generate noise which could be highly distracting, the same goes for smashing.

Just kiss lightly at first to avoid making your partner uncomfortable.

Step Three

Lock Lips Together.

This can only be carried out if your initial kisses are successful. Locking lips makes the art of kissing to be more mutual,more sensual and more erotic.

Locking of lips means to stack your lips in this order; your lower lips - your partner's lower lips - your upper lips - your partner's upper lips.
how to kiss like wow
How to kiss a girl like you have not done it before

Step Four

Ensure that You are Breathing.

It is important to keep breathing slowly while kissing your partner this is to avoid breaking away to catch your breath at the height of the kiss.

However, if you are not receiving enough breath while kissing, then you should break away to catch your breath in order to avoid collapsing.

Breathing hard is not a bad thing during kissing because it indicates that you are nervous and anxious.

Step Five

Make the

Kiss Intimate.

Put your hands to good use so that you can take the intimacy up a notch by pulling your partner in closer.

Place your hands lightly in your partner's shoulders or around his or her waist.

 It is also seriously sensual to put both hands around his or her head. You can also put one hand on his chin and tilt it upwards.

Step Six

Experiment With Your Tongue.

You can spice up your lip lock lightly running the tip of your tongue over it.

 It is also considered a good practice to slowly move your lips over your partner's lips.

As you do it, note how your partner responds. If he shows the likeness for it, then you can increase the intensity of the kiss.

best places to makeout
How to kiss like a French person

Step Seven

Try French Kiss.

Using your tongue during a kiss in Western culture is referred to as French Kiss. It is done by lightly and slowly sweeping your tongue along inside of your partner's lower lips.

Step Eight

Nibble Your Partner's Lips Gently.

Since it is not everybody that likes the teeth part of kissing, practice this with caution.

However, this does not indicate a lapse of technique if your partner is rejecting nibbling.

If he/she likes it then make sure to keep the pressure light otherwise you would bite off your partner's lips.

Step Nine

Break Occasionally to Heighten the Intensity.

Do not dampen the pleasures of kissing by sticking to your mate like glue unless you are trying to break the world's record of the longest kiss.

It is important to stop at intervals where you will lock eyes with your partner, smile and say pleasant things to his or her ears.

This will make your lover to understand that you appreciate him or her and not just as an object of kissing.

Step Ten

Alternate the Styles.

Do not feel as it is a must to continue he French Kiss indefinitely. You can spice it up by being soft and hard, slow and fast , deep and shallow.

Doing this will make your partner or lover not to know what is coming next. Surprises makes your kisses to be fresh.

What did I leave out of the list, failed to explain well or do you want to just add more tips or ask a question? Please use the comment section. Thanks!

how to kiss like a pro
How to kiss like a pro

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