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How to Celebrate Holi (with pictures)

Holi is a popular and special Hindu festival that it is celebrated to mark the beginning of the spring. The celebration lasts for many days. It is normally an enjoyable and funny period because it is a time when the Indians celebrate the triumph of good over evil plus it is a time of reunion for families and communities.


Step 1
Stack Woods That You Have Collected in The Center of The Town:
40 days to the celebration of the Holi Festival, a log will be placed in the center of the town to indicate to all that they should start bringing wood for the holika bonfire. Everybody will gather some pieces of wood and other flammable materials and place it on top of the log in the center of the village.

Step 2
Place the Statue of Holika on top of the log Pile:
This is done normally on the eve of Holi. The statue will be burnt alongside the firewood to symbolise the conquest of good over evil. The statue of Holika is burnt because she is said to be evil as she tried to kill Prahlad.

Step 3
Light the Firewoods and the Statue of Holika:
Light the bonfire using petrol or any other thing that can easily start fire. It is always advisable to stand away from the bonfire while lighting it. Watching bonfire is fun especially when watched in the company of family and friends.

Step 4
Sing the Rakshoghna Mantras:
As you enjoy watching the bonfire, you should chant Rakshoghna mantras which is found in the ancient hymn book of India called Rig Veda. You can combine the chanting with dancing so as to make the bonfire more enjoyable and to effectively ward off evil spirits.


Step 1
Purchase or Make Your Own Colours:
Playing with colours is a prominent feature of the holi festival because it adds more fun and 'colour' to the whole celebration. You can make your own colour from the dried and ground flowers of palash which provides a red orange colour. Abeer is another alternative to make holi festival colours. It gives a silver colour. If you choose to buy rather than to make the colours, you can select from a variety of colours available at different many online outlets.

Step 2
Shower Colours on Your Friends and Family:
Make use of your hands or any other tool like pichkari to shower and smear the colours you made or bought on your loved ones. Do not worry about the side effects of the colours because most of the colours used during the celebration of holi is not poisonous and they do not permanently stain a clothe.

Step 3
Use the Dholak Drum to Accompany Singing and Dancing:
The Indian men beat this drum normally on festivals like holi. It provides a very good music especially when you combined with the traditional Indian dances and songs. It helps to heighten the spirit of the holi festival.

Step 4
Enjoy the Special Holi Dishes:
The aroma of different Indian delicacies is another thing that makes the holi festival special. Dahi verda, porin poli and other foods people enjoy eating on the day of holi adds more taste to the celebration of holi festival.


Step 1
Hang a Pot of Buttermilk in The Streets:
This tradition is very old and it is used to signify the great extent of likeness that Lord Krishna had for buttermilk and how the women kept it away from him by hanging it up so that his hands could not reach it.

Step 2
Form a Human Pyramid With The Men:
The men in the village will gather below where the pot was hanged. They will form a human pyramid that is tall enough to make the head of the last person on the pyramid to comfortably touch the pot. The men that will engage in this activity should have previously practiced balancing because it can really be tricky and dangerous.

Step 3
Shatter The Pot With The Head of The Last Person on The Pyramid:
When the head of the person at the top of the pyramid is comfortably making contact with the pot, then he should use his head to break the pot and splatter the buttermilk over everyone that formed the human pyramid. He can also use his hands if he cannot do that with his head.

Step 4
Singing of Holi Songs And Throwing Water:
The women will gather around the pyramid formed by men and start singing special holi songs. They should also throw buckets of water at the men as they dance and sing around them.


Step 1
Go to a Family or Friend's Home:
You can extend your enjoyment of the holi festival even when the buzz of the festival of colours has reduced by visiting family and friends. This is important as the holi is a special festival that helps to bring reunion to different communities enables you to maintain your social ties.

Step 2
Exchange Sweets With Them:
While going to visit your loved ones, you should take some sweets like gujiya, coconut burfi, rava ladoo or any other sweets that you know that they might like. Exchange your sweets with them and have all the fun that you want.

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