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Getting Bigger Breasts Without Surgery: The Best Guide on how to do it(with pictures)

A big breast is one of the things that men like in a woman's body and any woman who has it normally enjoys an unceasing attention from men. Compared to getting a big breast by undergoing surgery, doing that without surgery will save you a lot of money and save you from the risks associated with surgery. Read on to discover the ultimate secrets to getting a big breast without surgery.

Make Changes to Your Diet

Step 1
Consume More Foods That Contain Estrogen:
Estrogen is the reproductive hormone of females that has one of its functions as the enlargement of breast. Though there is an normal production of estrogen during puberty, there is no harm in taking some foods that will further enlarge your breast by producing more estrogen. Examples of foods that can increase your breast size naturally are diary products like cheese and yoghurt, chickpeas, kidney beans, fruits like apples, cherries and pies. Also,  spices like sage, clover and oregano have been proved to naturally increase breast size.

Step 2
Eat Foods That can Make You to Gain Weight:
The fatter you become, the bigger your breast. It is as simple as that. Eating foods with high calorific value like cheese, and other foods that contain enough sugar like cookies. As you gain weight, your breast will incredibly fill out along with other body parts that tends to easily increase in size. You might feel that this is not the best solution for you but it is a sure and speedy way to naturally increase the size of your breast. This could benefit you if you are thin because it will improve your look.

Step 3
Consume Phytoestrogen Containing Foods:
Pre-menopausal women who were tested with phytoestrogen responded with an increase in breast size. Therefore, one can naturally increase the size of the breast by eating foods that contain phytoestrogen. Examples of phytoestrogen containing foods include
i. Nuts like walnuts and cashew nuts
ii. Red wine and white wine
iii. Green tea and black tea
iv. Strawberries and raspberries
v. Flax seeds
vi. Green beans

Exercise Your Body:

Step 1
Do Push-ups:
Push-up is a very good exercise for increasing breast size because it strengthens the pectoral muscles that are located below the breasts. Avoid doing excessive push-ups in a row because it can make your arms to get strained. Begin with 2 sets of five push-ups per day if you are still a novice to push ups.

Step 2
Press the Wall:
This is done by standing at about two feet from the wall. Your palms should be pressed against the wall and your arms straight.
Afterwards, you should be leaning successively towards the wall while keeping your legs apart and steady. It is a kind of push up that helps you to  strengthen your pectoral muscles and your upper arms

Step 3
Lift Dumbbells:
Try to visit a gym and find someone that can help you to learn how to lift dumbbells if you have not already learnt how to do it. However, it is easy to do, just find a dumbbell that is about 12 pounds or less and make them to be at the same level as your thighs. Your hands should be straight as you lift the dumbbell. Lower your dumbbell to your sides after raising it above your head. You can repeat the whole process from the start.

Making Your Breast to Look Bigger

Step 1
Make Your Posture to be Perfect:
Assuming an excellent posture when standing and sitting has been identified as one of the easiest and fastest methods that you can use to make your breast to look bigger. Maintaining good postures can make you to look tall, confident, and your breasts to appear bigger. The recommended posture for getting your breasts look perkier and bigger are raised shoulders and straight spine. Try to avoid folding your arms across your chest and hunching your shoulders. Just know that a posture depicting pride and elegance is going to bring out your breast.

Step 2
Wear Padded or Push-up Bra:
This is also a fast trick that you can use to increase the size of your breast quite fastly. Push-up bra and padded bra will make your breasts to look a bit bigger. However, you should try to avoid any bra that is too padded that it fails to take on the actual shape of your breast to a little extent. Always check how fitted it is to you before you buy it from the store. Wearing any bra that makes your breast to scream " hey, I am padded " isn't the best option. In fact, it can even make you to look stupid or cause you some embarrassment.

Step 3
Wear Clothes that Emphasize Your Breast Area:
Wearing shirts with low necklines that show your cleavage without displaying the smallness of your breast is an excellent trick for the improvement of how big your breast looks. You can choose to wear clothes which is designed in such a way that the colour of the chest area differs from the colour of the parts of the clothe. This will create an illusion of big size for your breast. It is also advisable to wear tops which are elegantly designed in the chest area.

Step 4
Use Make-ups to Contour Your Breast:
Before you start thinking that this is a very extreme method, you should know that 80% of actresses on movie sets use this method. And you can too. Just a few strokes of the brush and your breast will look a little bigger to the eyes. You can make up your breast by getting yourself fully dressed ( that is in the outfit that you will like to go out with ), then insert your handkerchief or a toilet paper between your clothes and the breast so as to avoid staining your clothe with the make-up. Proceed to apply  and blend face powder or a darker bronzer along the v-shape curve of your breasts. Finally, apply and blend a peach or gold face powder over the upper half of your breast.

Please use the comment section to add more tips to this or to ask your questions. Thank you for reading this..

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