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Get Six Pack Abs Fast in 2 Easy Ways (with pictures)

There is this cute and refined look that will be associated with you if you have six pack abs. People will see you as strikingly hot if you go shirtless. To get this, you have to be determined, patient and disciplined. Getting the six pack abs will not be hard if you take the right food and the right exercises. The rest of the article will guide you on the helpful details of getting six pack abs.


Step 1


Step 1
Do Sit Ups:
Get a mat and spread it on the floor, lie on it and make your knees to face upwards and cross your hands over your chest. Use something to hold down your legs or ask someone to do it. Sit all the way up, slowly lift your lower back together with your shoulder blades without hunching (not keeping your back in straightforward position). Then, slowly return to your initial position on the floor and repeat.
You can challenge yourself more when you have mastered the simple sit ups by progressively adding weights to your chest as you do the sit ups.

Step 2
Do Crunches:
Lie on the floor, cross your arms over your chest, keep your knees in a bent position. Slowly raise your shoulders towards your bent knees using only the muscles of your abdomen.
-- Avoid lifting your whole back away from the floor as this could cause you to get back strain.
-- You should focus more on the initial flexing of your abs as you continue to lift only your shoulders away from the floor.
-- Once you start lifting your shoulders away from the floor, you should exhale slowly and finalise it with a gasp after you must have lifted your shoulders from the floor.
-- Allow some seconds to release the last bit of air from your diaphragm when you have reached the final stage of the crush.
-- Inhale as you slowly lower your shoulder blades until it finally starts touching the floor. Avoid the temptation of allowing your head to make contact with the floor.

Step 3
Do Leg Lifts:
Lie on the floor and make your legs to be in straightened position and ensure that your hands are rested at the sides of your body. Swiftly raise each one of your legs making sure that at each point in time that the raised leg is perfectly 90° to the rest of your body. This implies that you should not bend your knees as you do it. Repeat it for about 10 minutes. Alternatively, you can choose to use the parallel beam at a gym and dangle your legs ensuring that it is roughly 180° each time you spread it.

Step 4
Try Plank Holds:
This exercise is also called static holds. You can do it by taking the position that you would when you want to do a push-up except that now you have to rest your elbows on the floor. It is advisable to hold this position for as long as you can for like 40 minutes. The exercise was designed to strengthen your core including your abs to hold the body in place.

Step 5
Try Jackknife Sit-ups:
Lie flatly on the floor with your face facing upwards. For balance, rest your hands at the sides of your body. Raise your whole torso and your knees at the same point in time so that they will meet together at an imaginary line which starts from your pelvis to the ceiling. Naturally, your legs will jack back to a horizontal position, lie back and repeat.

Step 6
Do Pull-ups Hanging From a Horizontal Bar:
Pull-ups can be very helpful in bringing out your abs fast as it helps to condition your biceps and triceps. You can carry out pull-ups with your palms towards and away from you.

Step 7
Do an ab roller exercise:
Kneel down on the floor and firmly grip the ab roller. Push the ab roller away from your body and continue increasing the distance as you can bear. Do not allow your torso to make contact with the floor as you do that. When you are now lying completely flat on the floor, get back up and repeat.

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