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6 Ways to Tell if Gold is Real (with pictures)

The last thing that you will want after buying a gold is to find out that it is fake. Therefore, it is highly necessary for you to know whether your is fake or not by taking it to a certified gold dealer to weigh it. By American standards, fake gold is less than 10 karats. However, you can use these ways to know whether or not that your gold is fake.

Step 1
Check The Gold Piece For Official Markings:
Make use of a magnifying hand lens to look for markings that indicate fineness
(1 - 999 or .1 - .999) or karat ( 10K, 14K, 18K, 22K, 24K). Every new authentic gold must have it. You must note that you need a deeper test after even seeing the markings because most counterfeit gold pieces also have the markings. You might not be able to see the markings on all old gold pieces.

Step 2
Inspect the Gold For Noticeable Discoloration:
This is mostly applicable to old golds. Look at the edges and other areas that have faced constant friction and see whether there is any metal showing up. If there is, then you should know that the gold piece is fake and it is just gold plated.

Step 3
Observe Whether There is Any Marking on the Gold When You Bite it:
Theoretically, gold is a very soft metal and it should have your teeth markings when you bite on it. It can also be used to indicate the purity of gold as a more deeper teeth marking indicates a purer gold. However, you should not rely so much on this test because there are so many other metals like lead that are as soft as gold. Because of this, you should rarely use this test because if the fake gold is actually lead then young might risk getting poisoned by lead.

Step 4
Test the Gold With a Magnet:
Gold cannot be attracted by a magnet and so if the jewelry is pulled or sticks to a magnet when it is brought near it, then it is fake. However, you should further test it even if it does not get attracted to the magnet because non-magnetic metals can also be used to produce gold pieces.

Step 5
Perform the Gold Density Test:
Make sure that there is no gemstone attached to the gold piece before you carry out this test. There are very few metals whose densities are greater than gold, so this method is reliable to an extent. 24K of gold is about 19.3g/ml which is higher than the density values of most metals. A higher density value of the gold piece is an indication of a higher purity. All you need for the test is a calibrated vial and water. Just place your gold piece into a known quantity of water contained in a vial and measure the difference in the volume of water before and after putting the gold. Then, use this formula to calculate the density of the gold. Density = mass/volume of water displaced.

Step 6
Carry Out The Nitric Acid Test:
This is a very reliable way of testing for gold. Add a drop of the acid to your piece of gold. Absence of any colour change indicates that your gold piece is real.

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