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4 Fast Ways to Loose Weight ( with pictures )

Having too much fat can be very tiring. Also, it can make your appearance not to be all that pleasant. Creating a low calorie eating plan is an effective way of losing weight if you adhere to it for a long time. However, if you want to lose that extra pounds quickly, then following this tips and techniques outlined here will be a good choice.

Doing Exercises to Lose Weight

Step 1
Create Time for Exercises:
At the initial stage of exercising, you might observe an increase in weight instead of a decrease. Do not worry about that because it is perfectly normal. Make time during which you will exercise yourself. If you are too busy to do that, you can try to turn any available opportunity you have into an exercise time. For instance, you might choose to trek to to your office instead of taking a cab. Even if you use your car to go to work, you can pack as far away from your office as you possibly can. Also you can also decide to use the stairs instead of the escalator.

Step 2
Choose an Exercise Based Activity That You Enjoy:
It pays to be realistic when deciding the type exercises that you are going to carry out. You should pick exercises that interests you so that you can easily get motivated to go and do it. Instead of choosing running, you can choose football if it is what you would like to enjoy under normal circumstances.

Step 3
Take up Cardio Training:
A combination of weight and resistance training are necessary for the all round well being of the body. Nevertheless, you should note that if you want to shed your weight fast enough, then you should focus more on cardiovascular exercises.

Step 4
Vary the Activities in Your Exercise Regimen:
Variety is the soul of interest. Hence, to keep yourself constantly motivated and to make your exercises interesting, you should try to incorporate variety by including interesting activities like cycling, swimming and weight lifting at intervals of your exercise. This will help you not to get easily bored.

Step 5
Engage in Workouts that Exerts Force on Your Entire Body:
Doing this will make you to engage all your muscles in an active work which will make to burn more calories. A perfect example of a workout that will work up every muscle group is combining lifting a dumbbell and jogging at the same time.

Step 6
Sleep and Rest:
Getting enough rest and sleep will help you to reduce the urge to overeat and also reduces the risk of being injured during exercises. Sleep deficiency and poor rest has been identified as one of the causes of inability to lose weight. So, try to rest at least 24 to 48 hours after engaging in strength training sessions. Also, you should not exercise all the days of the week. Take one or two days off.

Adopt A Weight Loss Diet

Step 1
Try the Water Diet:
Before the day ends, you must be sure that you have taken about 8 cups of water. Water intake helps to burn calories. You can also use water to suppress your appetite before each meal. This will make you to easily get filled and hence preventing excess calorie consumption. Please avoid taking excessive water because it could cause you to actually gain weight because of slowed metabolism.

Step 2
Consider a Juice Cleanse:
Juice cleanses are known to help in rapid loss of weight and detoxification of the body. The major principle of juice cleanses no matter the type is to only consume juices made from raw fruits and vegetables. The juice fast should last for about one or two days and no more. Make sure that you always include vegetables into the fruit juice because fruit juices contain sugar and taking only that will make you to gain weight.

Step 3
Try the Master Cleanse:
As a liquid only diet, it consists of lemonade, salt water drink and herbal laxatives. The diet lasts for about 16 days after which you must stop. This is because it is considered as an extreme weight loss diet and hence, it is risky to health to continue it as a long term weight loss diet.

Step 4
Try the HCG Diet:
The use of injections and supplements of HCG ( Human Chorionic Gonadotropin ) is still a very controversial subject in the weight loss industry plus that it has not been scientifically proven healthy. However, it was reported to have promoted a rapid weight loss in most people.

Creating and Monitoring Your Eating Plan:

Step 1
Discover the Minimum Calorie Requirement of Your Body:
You can quickly lose and sustain your weight if you are aware of the minimum amount of calorie which your body needs to carry out its functions. You can discover that by yourself by using online calculators designed for that purpose or by consulting a physician or a dietician.
After finding out this, you should create a meal plan based on your findings and adhere to it strictly.

Step 2
Record Everything You Eat in a Food Diary:
Endeavor to write every single food you eat in the course of the day into your dairy. Do not exclude anything even if it is a snack. Doing this will motivate you to eat healthy and also make you to be mindful of what we eat.

Step 3
Eat Appetite Suppressing Food:
Foods like apples, oatmeal, grape fruits, ginger, nuts and eggs have been noted to actively suppress appetite. As a result, you can be able to conquer the temptation of over eating which will bring down your plans to lose weight.

Step 4
Identify the Activities That Triggers Your Appetite:
Food triggers are the activities that make us want to eat snacks. Watching movies or studying at night are one of the popular examples of food triggers. Identify yours and plan accordingly. Make provision of healthy snacks that won't make you to gain weight excessively.

Step 5
Mind Your Portion Sizes:
It can be really hard to control the portion size of foods especially if they are your favourite. To solve this, take stronger flavours of whatever food you want to eat. This will make you to be easily satisfied. Also, eating slowly can help you to regulate your portion size of food. By allowing a small amount of time to pass before you take another bite, you give your brain the chance to send you a signal whether you are filled or not.

Step 6
Avoid Missing Your Meals:
Do not think that going hungry is going to make you lose weight quickly and safely. It will only increase your appetite and make you to overeat and foil your weight loss plan. Therefore, try to eat a very healthy breakfast each morning which is rich in protein. A high protein containing breakfast will make you not to feel hungry for most of the day, hence overriding the need for snacks.

Step 7
Stay Away From Stores That Sell Fattening and Highly Processed Sugary Foods:
Most grocery stores in your area that you have known go selling pizza, cookies and others should be avoided by you so that you do not fall to the temptation of purchasing them.

Step 8
Cut Calories Through Substitution Of Unhealthy Foods:
You will notice dramatic changes in your appearance if you substitute drinking sugary foods with water, black coffee or tea. Doing this will make losing weight easier than you think, this is because an increased water intake helps to energise and make the body.

Doing Weight Loss Treatments

Step 1
Make use of the Sauna:
By using a sauna, you can lose weight through the excretion of excess water from the body. It is not permanent though and it is used by athletes who are about to be tested for their weight. You should drink water immediately after leaving the sauna to avoid dehydration. Do not stay in the sauna for more than 15 minutes to avoid health risks. People that are pregnant or suffering from some sicknesses like heart failure should not attempt using the sauna for a weight loss.

Step 2
Consider Using Body Wraps:
Nowadays, you can shed your weight easily through the use of body wraps.
They can help you to slim down on certain targeted areas like thighs, hips etc where they are applied. Examples of body wraps include mineral body wraps, lipase body wraps, European body wraps and hot body wraps which is mainly heat based and it is used for toning skin. You should be aware that this is not a permanent weight loss solution.

Step 3
Request for a Colonic Treatment:
This treatment is aimed at using large amount of water to physically cleanse and flush out your colon in other to remove faecal accumulation. It is originally designed to help people suffering from constipation and bloating but some reports says that it can also improve weight loss. It is advisable for you to seek medical advice before undergoing such treatments because it has been proved to be harmful to some people.

Step 4
Consider Liposuction:
If you are battling a high fatty tissue in one or two specific areas of your body part then this method is just the right pick for you. Liposuction is a quick weight loss solution. To minimise the health risks that might result in the end, it is better to get liposuction only from a certified or a licensed professional.

What's your take on weight loss?, let me and others checking out the article know in the comment section.

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