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17 Legitimate Ways to Make Money Fast ( with pictures )

There are many ways to get that extra cash you need in a few hours. You must take note that it can be extremely difficult to continue most of the methods listed here as your regular source of income. Nevertheless, these methods can fill your pocket with enough money as fast as possible.

Step 1
Become a Blood or Plasma Donor:
You can earn up to $250 by just doing this. However, you must make sure that such things are authorized in your country, the donation center that you signed up with is authorized to do such things, and that you are healthy and up to the age of 18 years. The payment is very fast.

Step 2
Sell Scrap Metals to Scrap Yards or Recycling Centers:
Search for scrap metals like aluminum, tin, copper etc and send them to the scrap yards around your residence. It could bring you a very good amount of money depending on the quality and quantity of your scrap metals.

Step 3
Sell Things That are not Important to You Anymore:
This is a very fast way to make money. All you have to do is to find highly demanded and valuable things in your house like DVD, books, clothes, video games, and even your used smart phones  and start selling them instantly. You can sell your items more quickly by setting your price at about half of what anybody else would set for it. This does not imply that you should set your price very low. You can choose to sell to your neighbours who are interested in buying, through pawn shops, through trade-in art stores or through online retail sites like Amazon. They might charge you a little percent of your profit.

Step 4
Sell Your Sperm:
For men that are up to 18 years and healthy, this can yield you several hundreds of dollars. The payment is also very fast enough assuming that you signed up with a legal sperm donation center.

Step 5
Engage in Filling Online Surveys:
Answering survey questions takes very little effort and time to do. The business merchants find these surveys important because they use it to improve their products and their marketing strategies. Therefore, they pay you for answering their questions in different online survey sites. Beware, avoid any survey site that asks you to pay before taking surveys because they are fake.

Step 6
Sell Your Hair:
The demand for human hair that is long, healthy and untreated is on the rise and as such you can make a very handsome amount for selling your hair. Many online markets and saloons may pay up to $100 dollars if your hair is up to 10 inches. The value increases with the length of the hair.

Step 7
Search for Scavenged Valuables:
You can visit beaches, motor parks and other public places where people might drop valuables like jewelry and money. Pick them and sell them for cash immediately. Also, you can use a metal detector if you have one to scavenge for valuable metals in waste disposal centers. You might be fortunate enough to discover something that is very useful that you can sell for cash.

Step 8
Look for Small Paid Tasks via Apps or Sites: There are many apps nowadays that can pay for carrying out a specified task like scanning products at a grocery store or going to buy something for someone. There are also sites like craigslist that  connect you with people who needs an extensive task to be performed. Although, you might not be able to make much money from this but you can start now and make just enough money for yourself.

Step 9
Offer to Take Care of Pets:
Pet sitting can give you a lot of money especially during holidays when pet boarder houses fill up quickly. People are more likely not to turn down your offer to sit their pets because apart from the expensive nature of a professional boarding house, it tends to make the pets intimidated and uncomfortable as compared to your cozy apartment.

Step 10
Try Roadside Performance:
As far as it is allowed in your country and that you are talented, you can make several hundreds of dollars from performing on the street. People will pay to listen to you or will voluntarily donate to you if you can perform some awesome magic tricks, sing , play musical instruments, or dance very well.

Step 11
Sell Things to Pedestrians:
It is highly lucrative to set up a spot near a park or along the way where you can sell things like cold water, beverages, nuts etc to passersby. For this, you need to have some amount of money at hand to start it but it can earn you much higher returns.

Step 12
Try out Modelling:
If you are handsome or beautiful with a physically fit body, then you can make a lot of money by being snapped or drawn in certain postures that is if you do not mind being nude some of the times. This can even make you popular if your photos irk the interest of the people.

Step 13
Engage in Common Odd Jobs:
You can go to places where those people that are hired for day jobs gather or simply register with temporary work employment agencies. On the other hand, you can find job for yourself by posting free ad online through or advertise on newspapers asking people to contact you so that you can carry out their odd jobs. People normally demand for day labourers for tasks like construction, moving to a new house, office tasks, and doing house chores.

Step 14
Be a Private Cab Driver:
Your driving skill can benefit you by signing up with companies like Uber which connects drivers and people who need a ride and are willing to pay for it.
You must be up to the age of 18 and must own a driving license before you can qualify to register for this service.
It might take some time for you to get registered but you will begin to enjoy after that as people highly demand for this service.

Step 15
Become a Baby Sitter:
You can quickly make money by babysitting for your neighbours or people that knows you when they go out to attend to their business. Alternatively, you may choose to sign up with professional services that can connect you with people that needs a babysitter.
It is advisable that you should be somebody that is comfortable with staying with children.

Step 16
Seek for Loan:
Making money in this way is very easy just as it is demanding. Before people can lend you money, you have to be someone of trustworthy character or in case of an organizations or companies, you have to provide a collateral. However, you should make sure that you can be able to pay back the money after the agreed period of time.

Step 17
Begging for Money: This is also called pan handling. Using this method, you have to depend on the charity of the passersby to gain the money that you need. If you strongly need money, then you should simply swallow your pride and decide to ask for help. Create a poster card and briefly express your condition on it. Proceed to public places ,politely ask for money and show gratitude to each person that gives you money.

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