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How to Write a Song like an EXPERT

Writing songs wether you want to write a love song, a rap song, a rock song or any other good song topic can be tedious but it is fun just like most song crafts are.

Humans learned the art of creating music a long time ago.

 And it has formed part of almost of all of their activities from its use in entertainment, to education, to advertisements and so on.

 Though the art of making music has become professionalised and diverse as can be seen on hits and movie or film songs, but there is still the same basic steps to writing a song.

There is no one definite method to write a song, it all depends on you, your emotions, your thoughts, your everything!

During songwriting, you have the freedom to add or remove anything from your song.

All you have to know is the basics of songwriting.

So, what are they?

1. Study The Works of the Professional Musicians:

Delve into the library or collection of the top works of the top musicians in the genre of the music you want to write. 

Discover for yourself what makes their song unique and what makes people want to listen to their songs from time to time. 

There is no other way for you to become a master than to learn from the master.

It is when you have discovered and learned the secret of their art that you will be able to add more interesting features to your own which will will make your song to be unique.

Step Two;
Write Down Whatever Comes To Your Mind First:

Whether it is the lyrics or the melody that popped up to your head, then write it first.

Song writing or music making is all about creativity and you should not desist from writing what inspired you because the other half is not there.

Write the lyrics first and do not worry if you do not have the melody or vice versa.

Most popular song writers like Paul McCartney wrote the song ' yesterday ' in this manner.

Step Three;
Determine the Pattern of Your Music:

A good rule of thumb is to ensure that your song has the regular structure of intro, a verse or two and then a chorus.

You can decide to create your own music structure to vary slightly or to be totally different.

Most popular song writers became the originators of a genre of music by totally avoiding the rules.

Step Four;
Stop Thinking and Start Writing:

Stop learning how to write songs and start writing .

Practice makes perfect.

 You will never know the extent of your song writing skills unless you get started on it.

Do and learn. It is better and easier than the other way round.

Give yourself a challenge and commit yourself to writing a number of songs per day.

You can then measure your song writing skills by inviting a friend to hear you out or by hiring a song coach.

Step Five;
Discover the Reasons Why People Like the Different Types of Music:

Good song writers are those who learns and practices the various attributes which makes other genres of music great.

Question your friends on why they think a particular song is awesome.

Get yourself involved and use your knowledge as a musician to analyse the nature of the song;

Is the song's verses well formed?, what about the perfect transition of the verses, or the well formed lyrics or just the unique chords of the song.

Step Six;
Get Technical:

Although one can make a perfect good music or song without having to go to the university, however it is important that you know how to songs are built.

This includes a basic understanding of harmony and rhythm.

Rhythm is just the pacing of the music, melody has to do with the sound production while harmony is all about organising all the vocal and instrumental parts of your music or song to fit together.

Step Seven;
Write Your Lyrics:

It is always advisable to carry a pen and pocket sized jotter with you wherever you go so that you can capture whatever song that pops into your head.

It is much better if you make use of the tape recorder because melodies can be difficult to capture on paper unless you have a strong musical background.

# Have a source of inspiration for your lyrics like something that touched you which can be your love life, breakup etc and try to inject your feelings into the very words of the song. Example:  Listen to Justin Bieber's Sorry Lyrics.

# Listen to different music which have been noted for the exceptional quality of their lyrics like John Legend's All of Me Lyrics and try to get snippets of lyrics from their song which can help you to build your own lyrics.

# Make your words to sing that is to say that you should try as much as possible to make the lyrics rhyme so that it could be pleasant to the ear. You can achieve this through the use of alliteration, assonance and other poetic devices. However, if it does not rhyme but it is very pleasant to the ear, leave it that way.

Step Eight:
Capture the Listener's Interest With Hooks:

Make the person who listened to your music want to listen to it again and again with the use of hooks.

 A hook is that paet of the music that listeners cannot get out of their head because it has captured the very depths of their soul.

 There is no formula for musical hooks but there are some examples of music with good hooks like Mavin's Dorobucci (Don Jazzy), Hello by Adele, Hey Jude by the Beatles and many others.

Step Nine:
Perfect Your Work:

It is necessary to edit your song from time to time no matter how perfect you think that you it is.

Crosscheck your work and make sure that all flaws are eradicated cause it is certain that you cannot stand the chance of being called an amateur musician.

Step Ten:
Get The Opinion of People:

Go out there and inform your friends and family about your song.

Get others who you know understands music well enough to review your work.

It is when you get this people to review your song, then you can be sure about how your listeners will feel about the song when it has been released into the market.

Step Eleven:
Implement the Suggestions and Corrections Made by Others in Your Song.

You cannot stop at asking asking people how good your song is without having to keep updating and refining your work according to those errors or improvements that they required you to address.

However, it is important to carefully consider the type of changes that you are effecting into your song so as to ensure that it conforms with the message and style of your song.


What tip did I miss or which step do yo like improve on more?, let me know in the comment section.

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