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How to Inspire People and Become a Popular Motivational Speaker

How to inspire people and become a popular motivational speaker.

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Life is not a bed of roses; even if it is, roses do have thorns.

From time to time in our lives, we are certainly going to need some heavy doses of inspiration to keep us up and going.

And if inspirational talks and advice must be given, then it has to be given by someone.

Once you have made that decision to become that "someone", it becomes necessary that you learn how to inspire people.

If you master this act, your own words will move people to action.

They will accomplish things that they never imagined that they can.

The good thing about that is that they will always say that you are the one that helped them.

There's a level you will reach, you might even become popular.

Your reputation will spread like wild fire from your close friends, your family and your village to strangers in different parts of the world. You might even get immortalized.

Although, it seems so easy to begin, it is not. In fact, one mistake that you can make could prove to be seriously fatal.


Whenever, you are advising someone, it is assumed that the person is down mentally, a slip of tongue at that time could lead to a big negative psychological change.

So, even though that you have the natural gift of inspiring people, you will find the tips below on how to inspire people very useful.

Let's go.

1. You Are Human Too - Talk About Your Problems OPENLY:

Let's face it, nobody on earth has it all figured out.

Behind all those smiles, everyone has something to cry about.

It is a fact which on accepting will completely change the way we view and live life.

And if that happens, you will be mentally prepared to take on your life's ambition as a motivational speaker.

Is there a personal issue that you dealt with in the past?

Be bold. Discuss it publicly. Tell people how you managed to get out of that problem.

We all know that each of us is very concerned about what people will think of us if they knew our inner struggles.

Don't be like everyone else. Dare to be different. If you got pregnant while you are teenager, climb the stage and shout it out.

What of how you overcame your academic or health problem? Open that story book too.

These are some of the common problems that people can relate to.

If you begin to do that, people will start to admire and respect you.

The first reason for that is that they will begin to recognize you as someone who is like them.

And this will contribute to the level of trust that they are going to give you.

Another reason for the massive followership which you will get after you have confessed to the world is that people will begin to admire you for your boldness or courage.

Not everyone will have the gut to do what you done.

On a serious note, most movers and shakers that are motivational speakers right now took this strategy.

It works because it gets you on the spotlight - which is really what you want.

This is unlike the psychologists and therapists that earned their college degree quietly from a decent university.

Another important advantage of this is that it makes you really good at what you do.

If someone shares a problem with you, you will know what it would have felt like.

This is because you have experienced something similar before.

Stop pretending that your life is on a level land and you will begin to notice a positive change in the way people approach you for advice.

2. Appearance Speaks Louder than Words - Look Good.

You are addressed the way you are dressed. This holds true even when all you want is to have people to listen to your motivational advice.

Humans are animals of vision. Hence, there's this tendency of the quality of a particular thing being evaluated based on primarily on how good it looks to the eye.

Nine times out of a ten, a reasonable man is likely to seek for an advice from the motivational speaker who is well dressed rather than the one who is dressed in rags.

Yes, it is true that we shouldn't judge books by their covers but good books shouldn't  have bad covers.

To inspire people, you don't certainly don't need to dress to the nines. It would be good if you do that anyway, after all it is your job.

However, you can choose simpler outfits that will still portray you as someone who has something up there to offer.

To get an idea of what you will like wearing, download the Pinterest app and browse through some of the fashion boards related to work and business.

Don't wear clothes that look so rugged and best only for parties.

Another way to find a dressing style that will suite your taste is to get pictures of lots of pictures of inspirational speakers or life coaches who are already popular.

Check through each of them, you are certain to find something that you will like.

3. Your Words Are Golden - Give it a Style

It's all about words which any one can say anyhow. How is your own going to stand out of the park? Why should anyone care to listen to what you have to say?

At this juncture, you have to know what's involved in refining your speech.
Try as much as possible to render your inspirational speeches in the language that you have mastered very well.

This should presumably be your native tongue. Dabbling into languages that you learnt later on in life might not give you the best result.

Sticking to your mother tongue has the benefit of giving you the power to twist and turn words in any way that you like.

The next thing that you have to do is to give your words a style. The style could be a drama, a real life experience, philosophical thoughts and stories that you made up.

These speaking styles will turn an ice cold advice into something worth listening to.

4. The World is Changing and Quickly Too - Keep Learning.

When I was still in primary school, one of my favorite stories back then was the story of tortoise and the calabash of wisdom.

In that story, tortoise wanted to collect every single wisdom on earth inside a very big calabash.

He did a very good job of it but when someone else gave him a common sense idea that he didn't previously know, he took the calabash and smashed it out of anger.

As a result, wisdom scattered throughout the world. And no one can claim to know it all.

What am I trying to say?

As  someone who wants to change people's perspectives of life, you cannot afford  to not know what is going on.

Watch the news on TV, listen to the radio on your ride home  or as you work out and buy a copy of the national newspaper while going to your office.

Spend time to read the breakthrough or success stories of other people. Don't forget to read ancient or historical writings. Even though that they were penned down a long time ago, most of their contents still have some useful applications in the contemporary world.

Don't die a proud man. Watch other motivational speakers and find out what they are doing. You can also buy their cassettes or audio recordings and listen to it.

If you liked it, don't hesitate to give them a shout out. If you are lucky, they will recommend you to their fans. That will cause your popularity to spike. Along that line, you might even gain a genuine friend that will teach you the ropes of the profession.

Knowledge is important in any field of life - once you stop learning, you will start fading away.
 While speaking, you will be able draw from the things that you read and heard to inspire people.

5. Stop Over Thinking it - Get on the Stage

A journey of one thousand miles begins with a single step.

As you are starting out, it is possible that you have looked at other great motivational speakers like Joel Osteen who have large fan bases and you asked yourself whether you can reach the height that they reached.

Yes you can.

And that's possible only if you get started right away. Stop waiting for the right moment - it may never come. Stop planning.

Stand up and visit that your friend who has exams next week. Offer the person words of encouragement which will inspire them to take action - to study hard.

Advise other people you know whenever opportunity calls for it. From there, your neighborhood will know what you are up to and your reputation will grow.

To measure how well that you are doing, on your mobile phone's audio recorder before you start each session of inspirational advice or speech.

In your spare time, you can listen to it to find other areas where you need to improve.

Practice makes perfect, soon you will find yourself in large gatherings offering your words of wisdom to those who matter in the society. 

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